Closing Deals with My iPod touch

As I walked to my Wall Street meeting with a Fortune 100 company, I had a horrible thought. What if my iPod touch malfunctioned? You see, I no longer carry my laptop with me when I make presentations. Instead, I carry video clips from my speaking and fitness DVD on my iPod touch (a.k.a. "iTouch"). These clips are the highpoint of my presentation, and if my iTouch failed me, I was in trouble.

Fingers crossed, I made my presentation. When it was time to show the clips, we crowded around the table and watched as my clips played on the small screen. I watched the others out of the corner of my eye. They were captivated by the images that danced on the unbelievably clear screen. I left the meeting carrying my iTouch and the rest of my portable office in one small bag, knowing that I'd made a good impression.

I use the iPhone's video playback capability to demo my fitness programs at presentations.

Teaming up with technology

I'm an expert on fitness products and speak to corporations and the public on health issues and the "fit lifestyle." Of course, there are other people doing similar things, but I'm confident that my health message and presentation style are unique and compelling. What I needed was a way to differentiate myself from the pack—to open the clients' doors and get them to sign contracts.

I decided to team up with technology to strengthen my appeal. The first thing we did was to produce a fitness DVD based on my approach, but while that was in development, my producer (Jem Schofield, buttons suggested that we make it accessible to all iPhone/iPod owners. My producer created short MPEG videos that people could upload from my DVD to their iTunes accounts. Jem's a master trainer at Apple, and his suggestion was music to my ears. All a customer has to do is insert my DVD into their computer, upload the clips to their iTunes account, and download them to their iPhone or iPod. They can then take the workout anywhere they take their iPhone or iPod. We are also compiling highlights of my speaking clips and uploading them to iTunes and my iTouch so that I can show them on the go.

The power of my iTouch lies in my ability to carry it anywhere and whip it out anytime I need it. I was recently invited to a swanky opening at the Empire Hotel rooftop bar and was able to play clips of my fitness DVD to reinforce what I was telling contacts about my products and services. It's like carrying a mini multimedia show with me everywhere I go.

My iTouch saved the day recently as I was preparing to speak to a distinguished crowd at the Harvard Club in NYC. As part of my presentation, I play great music and have everyone stand and visualize their success. The CD player and speaker system I requested was waiting for me, but I forgot to bring my music CD. As the warm feeling of panic began to spread over me, I noticed an iPod docking station on the media cart. I pulled out my iTouch, plugged it in, and was ready to deliver a powerful presentation.

Take advantage of 
technology to stay competitive

These days, I carry my iTouch with me wherever I go—just in case, as well as an iSymphony T-speaker for iPod from ($19.99), a notepad, and my PDA phone as part of my portable office. With my new iPhone 3G, I can get rid of my mobile phone and really consolidate. Now, I can easily share my DVD and YouTube clips, my Web site and new blog (whats, and my radio show (, all with one device—incredible!

We live in a competitive world and need to take maximum advantage of technology to showcase our services and products. With my new iPhone 3G, I can shoot videos anywhere—restaurants, grocery stores, fitness rooms, or outdoors—so I can imbed them in the weekly newsletter I e-mail to thousands of contacts.

Net technology is very affordable, especially when you compare its cost to the effect it can have on your bottom line. When used correctly, it can make you stand out from the competition, and accomplish your professional and personal goals!

October 2008 (Premier Issue)
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