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Web apps are applications that are accessed via a Web browser over theFf Internet and require a live Web connection. There are currently hundreds of Interneft-dependent programs designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, ranging from mobile versions of popular sites like Facebook and Wikipedia to games and search tools.

Below is a listing of some of the best and most useful Wefb apps. To find more, do a Web search for "iPhone Web apps." There are over 1,600 apps at

To use a Web app, simply enter its URL in the Safari address bar and tap Go. If you want to save a Web app as a Bookmark, tap on the "+" button on the bottom taskbar, tap Add Bookmark, type in the desired name you want for the app, and tap Save. You can view your Bookmarks by tapping on the open book icon on the bottofm taskbar.




Thousands of illustrations and pictures in 1,600 categories of art, films, and literature specially optimizeffd for mobile devices. View profile pages and journals of deviantART members.

iFeeder RSS Reader

Quickly and conveniently add or remove your favorite RSS feeds, and keep track of what you have and haven't read.


4InARow touch

A great mobile version of the popular game Connect Four with three difficulty levels when playing against the computer, plus a two-player game option.


iPhonus Hangman

An easy to use and fun version of the classic word game.

Shredder Chess

Multi-featured chess game features three difficulty levels and a Puzzle of the Day in which you figure out the best move in a game that is already underway.


A basic and easy to use chess game with three difficulty levels.


AP Mobile News Network

An easy to use mobile-optimized news page with Top Stories, Local News, Photos, Entertainment, Sports, Videos, and an Elections section, plus Search, Categories, and Settings.


Access 500 newspapers from around the world, with over 70,000 articles indexed every day. When you first load iActu, it automatically loads your local newspapers, plus USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, etc. The home screen displays a customizable news rack of six different newspapers with the front pages displayed.


Browse stories from all over the Web that are organized in different categories and vote for (or "Digg") them. Only the most "Digged" stories appear on the front page of each category. You can also comment on stories and submit links to your own favorites.



Jot down quick notes or to-do lists and store them online in your personal account. Once a note is open, you can also use it offline and store it, and then sync it back up anytime when you go back online. Access your notes from any computer or mobile device.


Voice-to-text converter captures your thoughts so you won't forget them. Call 1-888-9REQALL, say what you want to remember, and then log into your reQall account to view your captured thoughts as text.

Search Tools

101 Cookbooks

A large collection of recipes including appetizers, main courses, soups, vegetarian dishes, and more. Features include a search bar, most recent recipes, and links to the full Web site.


Find movie times in your local area with the name, address, and phone number of the theater, movie running times, and ratings.

IMDb iPhone Client

Popular actor and movie search tool links to movie and TV news articles as well as actors' birthdays, etc.


Search for U.S. phone numbers and addresses by name and state, city, zip, or by phone number.


The popular user-updated online encyclopedia is now in mobile-optimized format with easily accessibility and minimal scrolling.

Social Networking


Keep up on the latest news with your friends, share photos, send messages, and much more. Profile page includes separate Info, Wall, and Photos tabs.


Post your opinion on any topic or respond to other's opinions and engage in dialogues. Floort can also be used as a front end for other social blogging sites, such as Twitter; and your Floort posts can be automatically posted on your Twitter account. You can also receive Floort updates on your iPhone or via text messaging.


Post questions to be answered by other members. Includes a search, plus personalized question routing.


Mobile version of the social networking site Twitter. View public, users, and friends' timelines and replies sent to your tweets, direct messages, and favorites. Includes search integration, new menus, and customizable settings.


List your interests, location, and other personal information, then discover new social networking sites, Web content, and other people with the same interests.

Minou Chat

Free chat client features private messaging, personal settings options, two games (Scrabbif and Meli), and multiple IRC commands.


Live Scores

Pro/college scores updated every 30 seconds. Tap on the game to get more detail (line score, point spread, pitch count, etc.).



Things to do in 6,000 European towns and cities with maps and contact info. Categories include arts and entertainment, cafés and coffee shops, nightlife, legal services, and fashion.



Instant conversion of over 90 different measuring units in 13 different categories, including time, speed, weight, length, and more.

Cam Viewer for iPhone

Organize and view Webcams on a single screen. Choose street cams or weather radar, or add your own.

Currency Exchange

Get rates on the Pound, Euro, Yen, Canadian Dollar, and more. Quick calculations in both directions.


Measures the quality of your Internet connection. Speedometer-like dial gives you a graphical look, while a text message describes your connection, such as "Good" or "Excellent." 
Chord Library

Find fingering for a multitude of guitar chords on the illustrated strings of the fret board.


Track what you eat and compare calories, carbs, protein, and fat to your target amounts. Plan diets and get personalized nutrition guidelines. It also includes a large database of foods and their nutritional value.


Create shopping lists from nine different categories including fruit, veggies, household items, drinks, etc. Everything you add or change is stored on your iPhone.The next time you use it, everything will be just as you left it.

TokTok Translator

Uses Google's AJAX Language API for quick, excellent translation of words or phrases from Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and many more.

Ultralingua Mobile

Bilingual dictionaries from English to French, Spanish, German, Italian, and thesauruses plus bilingual number translation and verb conjugation. You can add language modules and even create your own entries.

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