Which Earphones Are Right for You?


The earphones that ship with the iPhone do the job, but are not the best solution available in terms of fit and audio quality. One of the first accessories that you should buy for your iPhone is a pair of decent earphones. Fortunately, there are many excellent alternatives available from third-party vendors. This review looks at four of them.

Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi

$189.99, ultimateears.com

SuperFiUltimate Ears specializes in earphones for music professionals, and their SuperFi 5vi produces crisp and clean mid- and high-range audio with just enough bass to make hip hop music enjoyable to listen to. These earphones are customizable, allowing you to wear them with the wire down for casual use or over the ear for active use. The earphones come with silicon tips in 3 different sizes. In addition, they ship with two Comply foam tips that help create a comfortable, noise isolating experience, a hard plastic carrying case, and a cleaning tool. SuperFi 5vi is available in liquid sliver color only and can be purchased directly from the vendor's Web site.

V-Moda Remix Remote

$99.99, v-moda.com


Even though it's small in size, Remix Remotes produces very full audio with solid bass. It includes "Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone" which reduces outside noise and enables deep bass. The 3-button remote control/microphone dongle lets you control volume and song playback. The earphones ship with four tip sizes, which make it easy to find the right fit. The actual body of the earphone is lightweight and small, allowing it to tuck snuggly and comfortably into your ear. It also ships with "sport earhooks" that are supposed to allow you to use the earphones during exercise and other activities. (I didn't find them very comfortable or useful.) The package also includes a leather carrying pouch. Remix Remote is handcrafted from stainless steel alloy with durable fabric cables. It's available in four colors: Nero, Chrome, Rouge and Blush. It looks like a piece of fashionable jewelry.

Radius Atomic Bass

$39.99, radiusearphones.com

Atomic Bass

This product has the deepest and clearest bass of all the earphones reviewed. The mid-range audio was strong and the highs adequate. They were the most comfortable inner earbud earphones I reviewed. They can be inserted into the ear from many possible angles, and the bulbous sound chamber responsible for the quality bass also allows for a snug fit in your ear canal. Atomic Bass ships with silicon tips (small, medium, & large) and is available in black, pink, red, and silver aluminum. They can be purchased directly from the vendor's website. Even though they don't include a lot of extras, their unique style and comfortable fit make them one of my favorite earphones.

V-Moda CrossFade LP

$249.99, v-moda.com

V-Moda CrossFade

The Crossfades are over-ear headphones that produce really solid bass and make for a great audio experience; especially when watching movies. The soft air-cushion memory foam used throughout these adjustable headphones made for a very snug and comfortable fit. They are also adjustable. I love the two detachable cables that are included with the product, one of which has a microphone and remote so you can control your music and answer your phone calls while on the go. They ship with a hard carrying case, 1/4-inch adapter, a 36-inch remote/mic cable, and a 69-inch stereo audio cable. CrossFade LP is available in White Pearl, Phantom Chrome, Gunmetal Black, Nero, and Rouge colors. They can be purchased directly from the vendor's website. Even though they're the most expensive headphones in this review, CrossFade LP is a great value.

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