Best Apps: Utilities

UtilitiesUtilities improve or extend the capabilities of your device—in sometimes simple and often unique ways. In this section you'll find apps that help you tune musical instruments, convert measurements, track shipping, plan your garden, track and manage the battery and memory of your iPhone, and a lot more. There are almost 9,000 of these useful apps available, and most of them are very inexpensive.

Best of the Best

Air Mouse Pro(Remote/Trackpad) ($1.99,free version available, instantly transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into an in air, wireless remote for your computer.

AppBox Pro ($0.99, lite version available, is a great multi-feature utility program. Check this one out before you buy any others.

iPhone Life
Discover your iPhone's hidden features
Get a daily tip (with screenshots and clear instructions) so you can master your iPhone in just one minute a day.

Barcode Scanner ($0.99, gives you access toproduct pricing and information from the Internet in seconds.

Emoji Icons - Smiley, Emoticon Keyboard ($0.99, Access emoticons/smileys that you can type within SMS, Mail, Notes, Contacts, Calendar or any other application.

FileBrowser ($2.99, is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad to access, copy, and stream files from remote computers including Windows, Mac, and Network (NAS) drives.

Mail Quick! ($0.99, lets you create a blank email, pre-addressed to a single address with just one click.

Picture Safe (HiDef) ($1.99, Separate, group, organize, PASSWORD PROTECT, and back up pictures according to subject matter.

VM Alert - Video Motion Detector ($1.99, iscapable of detecting motion seen by the iPhone camera.

Battery Management

Battery Doctor Pro ($2.99, free version also available, gives the status of your battery and how long it will last depending on what you intend to use it for. It comes with battery maintenance functions and tips for saving battery life.

Battery Magic Elite ($0.99, Full-featured app for viewing battery levels and maximizing battery life. It includes tips and a battery guide.

Battery Manager Pro ($0.99, A solid, all-in-one app, Battery Manager Pro reports how much battery time you have remaining depending on how you will be using your iPhone and includes battery maintenance and calibration tips and more.

Flashlight Apps

iHandy Flashlight Pro ($0.99, free version also available, Use the LED flash as a flashlight, plus over 60 different lighting effects — glowing candle, nightlight, virtual lighters, police light, and many more — that work with any iPhone with iOS 3 or later.

LED iLight ($0.99, Swipe or tap anywhere to turn the flashlight on and off, a status bar so you can see how fast the app is draining your battery, and the ability to have background audio.

Audio Flashlight for iPhone 4 (Free, Many of the iPhone 4 flashlights also offer a strobe effect, but this one is special: you can set the strobe light so that it flashes in sync with ambient audio via the internal microphone. You can also set a timer for the strobe.

BrightLight (Free, For iPhone 4 only, this flashlight adds Morse code. You type in your message, and the LED flash sends it in code.

LED Light for iPhone (Free,, This free app for iPhone 4 only lets you use the LED flash as a flashlight and strobe light.

Barcode Scanning

CardStar (Free, You can easily store and quickly retrieve loyalty, reward, and club membership cards.

FoodScanner ($0.99, Track your calories by scanning the UPC (just don't eat any fruit or vegetables).

RedLaser (Free, allows you to scan UPCs and find prices online and nearby.

pic2shop (Free, is a great barcode scanner that includes product information and user reviews.

Barcode Scanner (see "Best of the Best")

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