Best Apps: Productivity

productivityThese apps help you manage your life more efficiently and save time. There are apps to help you track and manage your projects, keep an eye on your budgets, and navigate the digital world effectively. And with the right combination of apps, some users find that they can put away their laptop or desktop and manage everything from their iPhone and/or iPad. Whether you're managing a business or a household, you're sure to find something in this category to help you keep things running smoothly.

Best of the Best

Dropbox (Free; is the easiest way to sync and share your files online, across computers, and with your iPhone.

Evernote (Free; helps you remember anything and everything that happens in your life, from notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings.

mSecure ($4.99; is a password and data manager that offers a convenient and secure solution to store information on your iPhone.

Siri Assistant (Free; Like all your favorite apps rolled into one. Just ask Siri to book restaurants, movies, taxis, and more.

ToDo ($4.99; has an excellent tag system and a robust interface that sets it apart from other to-do apps

Third Party Browsers

Firefox (Free, lets you access your desktop version's history, bookmarks, and open tabs.

Opera Mini Web browser (Free, compresses data to make web browsing faster. It also allows you to sync with your computer browser.

Incognito ($2.99, allows you to browse anonymously without leaving any history or caches.

iBrowse2 Dual Page/Full Screen Web Browser ($0.99, let's you browse two Web pages at once.

To Do Lists

GeeTasks, the Google Tasks app ($2.99, Manage your Google tasks while on the go, even when there's no network connection.

Awesome Note (+Todo) ($3.99, lite version available, combines your notes with your to-dos in one easy-to-use app.

ToDo (see "Best of the Best")

Synching Bookmarks

Xmarks for iPhone ($0.99, iPad version also available, lets you view your bookmarks and open tabs from your favorite browser right on your iOS device.

Instapaper ($4.99, Free version and iPad version also available, lets you save Web pages for later offline reading.

Read It Later Pro ($4.99. Free version and iPad version also available, Save Web pages to read later, even without an Internet connection. Includes a text-only view that strips formatting and images for easy reading.

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