Best Accessories: Bags and Clothing

Bags_BackpacksFuturistic fabrics are just around the corner with electroluminescent microprocessors, and LEDs are making their way into tech clothing at recent exhibitions. While we wait for them to hit the shelves in the next few years, there is already a slew of products using existing technology to make integrating your iOS device with the rest of your day-to-day life even more seamless. The most common of these are bags and clothing with built in iPod controls and padded pockets to protect your devices when you're on the move.

Bags & Backpacks

jansport-LiveWireJanSport LiveWire backpacks ($100, iPod only, The Livewire+ system includes a soft-fabric keypad integrated into the shoulder strap to control your iPod.



Chicleather Handcrafted artisan shoulder bag ($99 is a beautiful leather messenger bag that fits your iPad.

e-Volve Gadget Holster ($39.95, The bottom protective pouch of the holster is designed specifically to fit an Apple iPhone and replicates the functionality of a traditional iPhone case.

STM Jacket for iPad($24.95, Travel fast and light with this durable, water resistant jacket for the iPad.



Scott eVest ($100-$175; Both stylish and smart, the Scott eVest line of jackets and vests has pockets designed specifically to hold, secure, protect—and hide—the iPad as well as accommodate your headphone cables.


Fibertronic ($11.99-$53.99, is a manufacturer of soft electronic components. Their technologies, such as textile-based switches and keypads, fabric iPod controls, wearable sensor and lighting systems, and other soft-format electronics have been integrated into a number of third-party products including the iRip Glove and the Dew Quiver.


iRip Glove ($150,  Wireless iPod remote control integrated with Fibretronics technology gives you the ultimate wireless convenience when listening to music while skiing or boarding. 

Safely stash your iPod in your jacket attached to Kombi's wireless transponder and enjoy a day of hassle free music enjoyment.

Dew Quiver ($85,  is a shoulder strap with a wallet pocket and a pocket for iPhone/iPod with inSound controls, a soft control keypad based on Fibretronic's CONNECTEDwear. 

Change a song, adjust volume or answer a call with the exterior keypad.

Freehands Tech-tip Liner ($20, This waterproof triple-layer liner is a great stand-alone glove that also works well with a variety of shells. You can interface with your iOS device without removing your gloves!

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