Best Accessories: Car Accessories

There are many accessories that integrate your iOS device with your car to make your drive easier and more enjoyable. Dashboard or windshield mounts hold your device securely and make it easier to view and interact with the touchscreen (they're great for using the GPS capabilities of the iPhone). Cigarette lighter adapters power your device. Cassette adapters and FM transmitters let you play music stored on your device through your car stereo system. You can even get car kits that combine the best of these features. Available from Parrot ( and other vendors, these kits mount on your dashboard and communicate with your iPhone via Bluetooth, allowing you to access the iPhone via voice commands to place and receive calls, control music playback, and more. Keep in mind that some of the newer cars have built-in features that will work with your device, so be sure to check on that before you purchase a car kit or accessory.

Car Chargers

kensington-powerbolt1Kensington PowerBolt Micro Charger

($28.95, A good choice if all you want to do is charge your iPhone, iPod, or iPad in your car

Griffin PowerJolt Plus Car Charger

Griffin-PowerJolt-Reserve1($29.99, lets you plug other things into your car's power socket while it's busy charging your iPod or iPhone.

FM Transmitters

Griffin Road Trip

RoadTrip($89.99, This accessory integrates a cradle for your iPhone or iPod, a charger, and a transmitter for listening to your device's music via your car's stereo system.

Satechi Bluetooth FM Transmitter

($69.99, provides a live full duplex communication solution using Bluetooth technology through FM transmission to your FM car radio.

Sirius XM SkyDock Car Dock


($119.95, has a built-in XM tuner controlled by your iPod touch or iPhone so you can enjoy live satellite radio anywhere you drive.

GPS Kits

Magellan Premium Car kit

($99.99, transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a vehicle navigation system with a built in GPS receiver and hands-free Bluetooth calling.

TomTom Car Kit for iPhone

Tomtom-for-iPhone1($99.99, provides an enhanced GPS signal for more accurate positioning and a built-in speaker for easy-to-hear voice instructions.

Car Kits and Mounts

GolfLogix Smartphone Cart Mount


($49.95, keeps your Smartphone secure on the golf cart's dashboard or windshield.

Parrot CK3100

($169.95, is a top choice for hands-free use of your phone for making and receiving calls.

Mr Handsfree Bluetooth Genius


($99.99, This is a mount for your iPhone, but you can also leave your iPhone in your pocket or purse and it will work just as well via Bluetooth. It comes with a speaker and microphone for hands-free use of your iPhone. Note that it doesn't include a charger.

Motorola IHF1000 Car Kit


($219.95, connects via Bluetooth so you can make hands-free calls. It will listen to your voice commands and make calls for you.

iGrip smartGripper Holder

($29.95, features an extra heavy-duty mount that has adjustable pivoting action—

up and down, left and right. 

It is the strongest, most vibration proof mount on the market today.

Kensington SoundWave Car Mount

($39.99, The built-in amplification system doubles the volume from your iPhone speaker, making it easier to hear your voice-guided directions, calls, and more.


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