Best Accessories: Adapters and Cables

Belkin-Headphone-AdapterThe iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are great, but they're probably not your only device. Fortunately, there are a variety of accessories that will help you integrate them with the rest of your electronic world. There are adapters that you let you use your favorite headsets or docking stations with your iPhone. There are cables that let you connect your iPad to your TV or your iPod touch to your home stereo system. There are audio cable splitters that let you and a friend listen to music. There's even a TTY adapter for the hearing impaired.

Headphone Splitters/Adapters

Belkin Headphone Adapter for iPhone ($9.99, You can use this adapter to connect a quality set of stereo headphones to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Many third-party headphones require this adapter because of the recessed jack on these devices.

BELKIN~21Belkin RockStar ($19.99, connects up to five headphones to your iOS device

RADTEC~11Radtech ProCable Audio Splitter ($6.96, is an excellent choice for a flexible audio splitter.

A/V Cables

Apple Composite AV Cable ($49, This cable lets you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your TV. It also has USB capability so that you could use it to connect your computer to your TV. You can also use it to connect to your stereo or speakers.

Scosche-showTIMEScosche showTIME ($49.99, connects your iOS device to your TV or display devices with RCA A/V inputs.

Optoma_Pico_PK_1011Optoma Pico iPod Connection Kit ($39.99, You can connect your Pico Pocket Projector to your iOS device using this excellent A/V kit.

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