Apps From Our Authors

Some of our regular contributors and bloggers not only write great articles, but also create great apps.

Todd Bernhard—No Tie Software

Todd is a good writer, a genuinely nice guy, and the brains behind No Tie Software. His company has developed a lot of apps for the iPhone and iPad, covering a range of categories. Here are a few of his favorites.

AutoRingtones Pro Text to Speech Ringtones

($0.99, free versions available,

Todd has a whole series of AutoRingtones apps in the App Store. This one lets you create any ringtone you'd like simply by typing. The app converts the text to voice, and these ringtones can be assigned to any individual in your Contacts. So, for example, you could create a "Bob Johnson" ringtone and assign it to his Contacts entry. People have created over 1,000,000 ringtones with his apps, many of which are extremely funny and/or off-color.

A Little Piggy Nursery Rhyme


This one is a must-have for those with toddlers. Touch the toes on the virtual foot in the right order and your child gets to watch a short animal video. Tickle the bottom of the foot and hear a giggle. Learn the words of the rhyme in different languages. This app does so much more.



If you're a fan of The Kids in the Hall comedy group, you'll know exactly what this app does. Using the built-in camera on the iPhone, you can view people and extract your revenge by virtually crushing their heads (or any other body part for that matter).

Auto Verbal Pro

($9.99, other versions available,

This amazing app can help nonverbal adults and children "speak." It turns your iPhone or iPad into a soundboard with hundreds of customizable buttons that are picture representations of words. The person needs only to push the buttons they want and then the "Speak" button, and the app vocalizes the words. When combined with an iPad, this can be an incredible help for younger children with disabilities.

Dr. Harvey Castro—Deep Pocket Series

Harvey is an emergency medicine physician and most of the articles he writes and apps his company creates relate to healthcare. His company has 26 titles in the App Store for both the medical professional and layperson, covering a wide range of healthcare topics.

Think Twice


As an emergency room physician, Harvey has seen his share of injuries that could have easily been avoided with a little forethought. This app, written for the klutz in all of us, can save you money, pain, and a lot of embarrassment.

Stat Meds


Written for emergency room technicians, nurses, and doctors, this app provides quick information about drug dosage based on age and weight. It contains many conversion scales and other information that would benefit the ER staff.

ABC cursive


Having trouble reading your child's handwriting? Having trouble reading your own writing? This app will help make things perfectly clear. Your child (or you) can practice how to properly form the letters and, as we know, practice makes perfect. A manuscript version is also available.

Kevin Sitek—Site K Studios, Inc

Kevin has contributed many articles to iPhone Life magazine since its inception. Kevin often writes articles that show his fellow developers how to market their app in the App Store.

Soccer Card SKS


Kevin has just one app in the App Store, but if your child plays soccer, you really have to get it. This iPhone app creates a virtual soccer card with your child's photo, first & last name, position, team name, number, season year, season schedule, season record, and season stat totals. You can score points with the team by creating cards for everyone.

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