10 Apps to Make Business Better

With nearly 40,000 apps and over a billion downloads in less than a year, Apple has changed the mobile software game. While there are certainly not as many business apps as there are games or entertainment apps, the business category is slowly but surely gaining steam with the introduction of apps from many major players in the enterprise software market.

In this review, I list 10 of the top apps currently available that help make business better. As users begin to take advantage of these tools, and businesses see the return-on-investment potential of empowering the mobile worker with line-of-business functionality, this segment will only continue to grow.

An app for every occasion?

While the number of titles available in the App Store has grown considerably, we’re not quite at the point where there’s an app for every task we might want to do. But there’s no doubt that the current collection of business apps will continue to expand rapidly. The competition among app developers will be great for business!

These apps can empower your mobile workforce
Summer 2009
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