Editor organizes life and keeps daughter entertained with iPad

Leigh Shulman

What do you do? I'm editor of Matador Life (matadorlife.com) and also run an art and education community website. We have an Art House based in Salta, Argentina, but the community is worldwide (cloudhead.org).

Which device do you use? The iPad. I'd love to get an iPhone.

How long have you had it? I've had the iPad for almost 6 months.

How do you use your device? I use it for reading. Since we travel a lot, we can't carry books. Our iPad allows us to carry novels, bedtime stories for our daughter, and eBooks on how to run a business. We use both iBook and the PDF reader.

What apps do you use the most?

Chorepad ($4.99, app2.me/3466) for our daughter Lila to keep track of the things she has to do every day. When she gets enough points, she gets to choose a new app.

iBook (free, app2.me/2403) for reading and downloading eBooks and PDF files.

Penultimate ($1.99, app2.me/3212) is great because it keeps my often-disorganized thoughts in one place, and I can revisit and implement them when I'm ready. 

Skype (free, app2.me/2378). 

Dropbox (free, app2.me/127) keeps files moving seamlessly between all hardware.

Tune-In Radio ($.99, app2.me/2996) lets me listen to the Atlanta radio station I used to listen to in high school, or I can tune into local stations in Salta, Argentina. It's also great for learning languages because I can listen to Spanish, French or Italian talk radio.

Gerd Arntz (free, app2.me/3738) is a matching memory game that uses Gerd Arntz's icons. Lila and I play together. It's interesting to see how a 6 year old interprets what is meant to be easily and universally understood images.

What would you do if you didn't have your iPad? I wouldn't read nearly as much as I do. I also would have to go back to using pen and paper as notes, which means a lot of my ideas would be lost. I'd still be making hand-drawn chore charts for Lila, which usually meant I didn't draw them, so we didn't have chore charts at all. When I think to the days of lying lazily in a hammock in Panama, I can't help but imagine reading peacefully on my iPad instead of wishing I had something better to read than Gone with the Wind II.

Do you consider yourself an Apple fanatic? Not really, but kind of. I used to use Apple products when I designed websites for MTV almost a decade ago but then switched to PC when I left. Somehow, recently, through donations given to the Cloudhead Art Foundation and gifts from family and friends, we've converted almost entirely to Mac. I don't really ever want to go back.

Fill in the blank: iTunes is… clunky and frustrating.

September-October 2011
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