From The Editor: Changing of the Guard

I am retiring from full-time participation in iPhone Life magazine, but will continue to contribute occasionally. I couldn't find an appropriate quotation to lead off with, so I made one up: "All good things eventually evolve into better things!"

This is my last issue as Managing Editor of iPhone Life magazine. I've had the enjoyable privilege of working with a wide variety of talented and knowledgeable authors since we published the first issue in 2008 (and for 20 years prior to that in our previous publications). The next issue, our annual Buyer's Guide, will be supervised by our new Managing Editor, Alex Cequea. I am very confident that Alex will continue our tradition of publishing timely, useful, and well-written articles from expert iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch enthusiasts. I will be consulting for a few issues to make sure the transition is smooth.

Over the years, iOS has evolved into a better mobile platform. In this issue, we take a look at some of the improvements in the latest version of the OS/application suite (iOS 5). We also take a close look at Apple's "game changer"—iCloud.

Of course, there's a lot more in the issue, including a look at photography and design apps, public speaking solutions, RSS readers, apps for special needs, iPad 2 cases, "Green" accessories, and more. Read about how one author used her iPhone to deal with a family crisis, how two teachers use the iPad in the classroom, and how a private detective uses the iPad and iPhone in surveillance. Finally, check out the implications of iOS 5 for businesses and app developers.

Thank you!

My "Thanks!" list is so long that it would take two or three pages to do everyone justice. Since I'm limited to 500 words, I'll briefly mention some of our more prolific contributors. In alphabetical order, my sincere thanks go to Nate Adcock, Todd Bernhard, Harvey Castro, Daniel Cohen, Omar Correa, Heather Dale, Cindy Downes, Doug Goldring, Martin Hash, Marc Jacoby, Patrick Jordan, Tom Moccia, John Painter, Eric Pankoke, Christopher Peri, Tim Prentiss, Mike Riley, Werner Routsalainen, Bryan Schmiedeler, Tracy Sebastian, Ed Zabrek and Kevin Sitek. I'd also like to thank the authors who contributed less frequently. Your contributions were equally appreciated.

In addition, I'd like to mention how much I enjoyed working with our staff, including Gary Abel, David Averbach, Nathan Clevenger, Jim Karpen, Phyllis Khare, Noah Ouellette, Biba Dangol, Marge and Janet in advertising sales, our graphic designer Al Constantineau, Jamie, Solomon, and Thaddeus in used handhelds, David Seagull in marketing, and everyone else I've worked with over the years. Special thanks go to the Publisher and Executive Editor, Hal Goldstein, and his wife and Executive Advisor, Rita Goldstein. Their guidance, determination, and support made my job easier and helped to ensure the success of iPhone Life and Thaddeus Computing..

Finally, I'd like to thank you, our readers. Over the years, I've appreciated your encouragement, feedback, and constructive suggestions on how to improve the magazine. In the end, an editor works for the reader… I've enjoyed doing so for the last 23 years! —Rich Hall

September-October 2011
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