How to Stay Organized

As a busy mom, wife, and techie, I need to stay organized and on schedule. My iPad has become an integral part of my everyday life. My desktop computer is now primarily used for synching my gadgets, backing up data, and large Photoshop projects. Gone are the days I sit in my home office for hours communicating, creating, and researching. I can do all of that and more from anywhere and at anytime!

Pocket Informant

iPad: $14.99,; iPhone/iPod touch: $12.99,

PocketInformantHDThe most important organizational app I've found is Pocket Informant. It contains both my calendar and task manager. Its layout is both visually pleasing and easy to manage, especially on the iPad version of the app. With Pocket Informant, scheduling appointments, vacations, play date's, meetings, etc., is simple. I have installed Pocket Informant on my iPad because it has the ability to sync with Apple's iCal (and other calendars) such that no matter which device I'm using, my calendar is always up to date.

Bread and Milk

All devices: $1.99,; "Classic" version all devices: $0.99,

Bread And MilkBread and Milk is a shopping list app that's allowed me to cut back on my shopping time and eliminate paper lists. I'm no longer trying to figure out which folded and crumpled list at the bottom of my purse is the most current. I can add items to my list as I need them and delete items as I purchase them, leaving the items that I did not get for my next trip. The "Classic" version of this app has fewer categories and options.

My Recipe Book - Your recipes fully organized

iPad only: $2.99,

I track meals I've planned for the week using another great app, My Recipe Book. I have added my favorite recipes into this app manually as well as imported ones I've found on popular Internet food sites. As I select a recipe, I place it in the queue so that I can remember what I have planned. In addition, the app lets me share recipes with friends by e-mailing them directly from the app. Because I have both this recipe planning app and my grocery list on my iPad, I never forget an ingredient!


All devices: free,

KindleI prefer to read my books with Amazon's Kindle app. The app itself is free, and has the largest selection of e-books of any online bookstore. Best of all, the Kindle app stays synchronized with my other devices as well. It doesn't matter if I pick up my Kindle, my iPhone, or my iPad; I always have my most current page waiting and ready for me to read. I have read Ken Follett's, World Without End, and Fall of Giants using this app, along with quick reads such as all of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels written by Charlaine Harris. I also keep age appropriate books on my home page for my daughter to read while we are waiting at a restaurant or out in public somewhere.

Zinio Magazine Newsstand and Reader

All devices, free,

Zinio The Zinio app is free, but you pay for the magazine subscriptions. Zinio has a large selection of magazines. I currently subscribe to the likes of Oprah, National Geographic, MacWorld, and of course, iPhone Life—all at a discounted rate from the current newsstand price. Each time a new edition becomes available it is automatically downloaded, and I'm e-mailed a notification making me aware that my magazine is ready at my convenience.

The fun part about e-reading a magazine is that some of these publications are interactive. I no longer have to dog-ear or tear out a page that I want to investigate further. I can just tap the link and I'm off onto Safari, linking up with my next curiosity.


iPad only: $4.99,

NoteshelfThere are times when I find it is faster and easier for me to physically write something down rather than type it out. Noteshelf lets me write notes with my fingertip or a third-party stylus pen. It's fun to select from the different papers, inks, and pens shapes to change up your notes, stories, outlines, etc. Noteshelf came in very handy over the holidays as I followed my daughter down each toy aisle and quickly jotted down the items she seemed to like. It was then very easy to import photos of those items from the Internet and add them to the list. When everything was finalized, I simply e-mailed the lists to her grandparents.

Everything is in my purse!
I absolutely love the fact that everything I need is in my purse, with me wherever I go. My schedule, my entertainment, recipes, and more are all a tap away. When I travel, I'm no longer weighted down with books and magazines. My 1.6-pound iPad has it all.

The iPad and a few well-chosen apps help me stay organized and on schedule.
May-June 2011
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