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Welcome to our first annual iPhone Life How-To Guide.

We scoured the Web, reviewed past issues of the magazine, and checked out a variety of additional sources to find the best tips and the most useful how-tos for users of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We found so much helpful and practical information that we expanded the size of this issue from our normal 100 pages to 120. In these pages you'll find over 250 tips and how-tos on a variety of topics. Here are some highlights:

iPad 2; iOS 4.3: We lead off the issue with a first-look at the new version of the iPad and the latest update to the operating system and application suite included with all iOS devices. The iPad 2 is thinner and faster than the original. In addition, it comes with two built-in cameras and a new app that supports them. iOS 4.3 can be downloaded for free from iTunes. In addition to the iPad 2, iOS 4.3 supports the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (gen 3 and 4), and the original iPad. Getting started: This section goes over the basics of iOS devices; the things you need to know to get started with iTunes, download apps, set passwords, conserve battery life, and more.

iTunes: This Mac and PC app is the key to downloading music, installing apps, and syncing data with your computer. This section shows you how to get the most out of iTunes.

Phone: This section focuses on the phone capabilities of the iPhone. It concludes with a special report on how to turn your iPod touch or iPad into a phone.

Messaging: This covers the ins and outs of managing your e-mail accounts, using the Mail app, and sending text messages on the iPhone

Media: This largest section in the issue covers reading eBooks, taking and editing photos and videos, and of course, music.

Internet: This one covers connecting to the Internet, managing data, browsing and searching the Web, filling out Web forms, and more.

At Work: Focuses on business users and developers and covers deploying apps in a business setting, configuring VPNs and Exchange e-mail, and getting apps built for your business.

More: This is the catch-all section for tips and how-tos that don't go anywhere else.

Troubleshooting: Shows you how to deal with bad batteries, physical damage, resetting and restoring your iOS device, and more.

Lifestyle: This section includes short articles that show you how people use their iOS device to stay organized, prepare a meal, find their way around Boston, and more.

More tips and how-to's in future issues

We'll continue to publish plenty of tips and how-tos in future issue of iPhone Life. Suggestions are always welcome. If we missed your favorite tip or how-to, send me a message (

Over 250 Tips and How-To's
May-June 2011
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