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Watch Flash videos on your iPhone

VlcPlayerMuch of the video content on the Web is in Flash format and until now, you couldn't play it on any iOS device. On November 3rd, Skyfire Labs unleashed an app that works around Apple's restrictions by converting Flash content to HTML5 on their own servers and then streaming the converted content through their app on your device. After about one day, the demand on their servers was so high that they had to pull their app from the App Store until they could beef up their capacity (the app is now back in the App Store).

Father and son launch iPhone into space 

In August of this year, Brooklyn-based cinematographer, Luke Geissbuhler and his son launched an iPhone 4 and an HD video camera into space using a weather balloon. The mission was a success, and the footage is amazing ( As the balloon flew higher and the outside air pressure diminished, it expanded. After battling 100 mph winds and temperatures around minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the balloon reached 18 feet across, exploded at an altitude of nearly 19 miles, and plummeted back to earth. Luke and his son were then able to locate it using the GPS capabilities of the iPhone.

VLC Media Player for iPhone, iPad, &iPod touch

VLC Media Player (free,, lets you watch videos in several formats that aren't natively supported by the iPhone. The features include quick decoding of "almost every" video format, playback in landscape and portrait mode, and the ability to delete files directly from the app. 

iPhone app scans product barcodes for self-checkout at stores

Aisle BuyerYou may start seeing a new trend this holiday season as you step out to the stores to do a bit of shopping. AisleBuyer ( is providing a platform for stores to create their own shopping app. The new iPhone apps will give in-store shoppers some of the same benefits that you can get from shopping online, like avoiding long lines with-self checkout and downloadable coupons and unique discounts. So far about 8,000 stores have signed up to implement the program. The app works by accessing the stores online, so for now your favorite small boutique shops probably won't be on the list. Pepsi has even gotten behind this by selecting it for the first PepsiCo 10, an incubator program for digital media and social marketing companies. For an existing example of the platform, check out Magic Beans (free,

Internet reception reaches summit of Mount Everest

Those venturing up the slopes of Everest will now be able to make video calls and surf the Internet along the way thanks to a Nepalese telecom subsidiary of Swedish based TeliaSonera. The coverage will reportedly reach the summit so those who get to the top will be able to call home via the 3G network and say hi to mom.

Chillingo acquired by Electronic Arts 

In an effort to "increase its market leadership on the Apple platform as well as reaffirming its position as the world's leading wireless entertainment publisher," Electronic Arts has purchased Chillingo, a publisher of games for iOS and other mobile platforms. Chillingo's iOS catalog includes Angry Birds ($0.99,, Cut the Rope ($0.99,, and other popular games. It's important to note that Chillingo only publishes the games; most of them are created by small development houses like Rovio (Angry Birds), ZeptoLab (Cut the Rope), and others. The sale bodes well for the small independent developer. It means that they have access to the marketing resources of a powerhouse like Electronic Arts. All they have to do is come up with a winning game!

iPhone Life mag at CES, MWC, Macworld 

We will give away free issues of iPhone Life magazine at three upcoming tradeshows: CES in Las Vegas (Jan 6-9, 2011), Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 14–17), and Macworld in San Francisco (Jan 27-29).

We exhibit at CES booth number 5512 and 

Macworld booth number 1038. 

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