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The iTunes App Store launched in July of 2008. Within a few weeks, it had over 1,000 apps, and it hit the 10,000 app mark in a couple months. Now, a little over a year later, it’s over 100,000 apps. Now our writers can use the phrase “exponential growth” without me accusing them of using hyperbole.

What does the availability of 100,000 apps mean to the iPhone and iPod touch user? For one thing, it means that, for whatever you want to do, there are probably one or more apps available to help you do it. For example, in this issue alone, we review a number of new GPS navigation apps, as well as apps that help you stay fit, get up-to-the-minute news, enhance and post your photos online, monitor your health and that of your children, and a whole lot more.

It also means that thousands of games are available to challenge you, enlighten you, and help you pass the time. In this issue, we look at some games for the holidays, great games under a buck, and some history-making adventure games from the past that have made their way to the iPhone. We also review some accessories that will enhance your experience of listening to music and watching videos on the iPhone.

There are a number of articles in this issue that focus on apps and accessories for women, and one on apps for new parents.

Finally, we have a round-up of the top productivity apps for business professionals, and a number of articles to help create excellent apps and negotiate the sometimes treacherous process of getting them approved by Apple for the App Store.

How to find good apps

It’s great to have a wide variety of apps available to enhance the capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch, but how do you find the one you need? The App Store helps some, but with 100,000 apps to choose from, there are a lot of hidden gems that can get overlooked very easily.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent Web sites that evaluate apps and point you in the right direction. If you need some help finding those hidden gems, check out our cover story.

It may be tough to find the right one when you’re searching through 100,000 apps. But think what it will be like when App Store hits 1,000,000. “Impossible,” you might say. My reply…

“Don’t bet against it!”

100,000 apps
Winter 2010
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