iPhone Games Can Be an Adventure!

Even the most die-hard Mac fans have to admit that gaming has historically been the platform's Achilles heel. The one exception to that rule has consistently been adventure games. For a variety of reasons, small, independent studios have been able to produce high-quality adventure games. The best example of this is Myst, one of the bestselling computer games of all time, and the game that defined the adventure genre in the nineties.

The iPhone is Apple's first widely successful gaming platform since the IIe. Along with an avalanche of games from other genres, a number of high-quality adventure games have found their way into the App Store. Myst and some others are direct ports of their Mac cousins, but you'll also find titles created from scratch, specifically for mobile gaming. All of them offer hours of entertainment for those looking for a slower-paced and more thoughtful gaming experience.

Final thoughts

Adventure games offer a noticeably different gaming experience from other App Store offerings. Whereas most mobile games are meant to provide a few moments of instant gratification, adventure titles draw the player into a long story that can span dozens of hours of game play. All of these titles offer experiences that are as fully-immersive and well-written as their cousins on full-sized computers.

If you are in the mood to play through a good book rather than curl up with one, these iPhone adventures will fit the bill beautifully.

Five top titles make gaming an adventure
Summer 2010
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