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Our catalog of expertly designed guides for Apple devices are one of the biggest draws of our iPhone Life Insider program. They help our subscribers master their apple devices via simple guidance and detailed how-tos, all while giving users the flexibility and control over when and how they access the information. Our upcoming AirPods Guide will be an excellent resource for anyone who wants to truly become one with their AirPods.

We designed iPhone Life's Insider education platform and subscription service to help you solve all your Apple problems in a way that is fun, engaging, and easy. Our newest release, the AirPods Guide, is coming very soon! If you got AirPods over the holidays, you won't want to miss this extensive but easy-to-follow manual for all things AirPods.

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  • A complimentary seat for our live, in-depth, expert-led courses that dive deep into the big, important topics, like the latest iOS or the art of mastering your iPad. Each course usually costs up to $350 on its own, but is included with Insider. Courses last 4 weeks, and include live weekly sessions, group discussions, and downloadable materials. 
  • Exclusive, high-quality video versions of the Tip of the Day - these videos are easier to follow and perfect for anyone who’s more visual.
  • In-depth guides for every new iOS update and all major features - these are the companions you need to navigate new changes and features without feeling lost or overwhelmed. 
  • Unlimited digital access to every issue of iPhone Life Magazine - so you can get in-depth articles straight to your device. 
  • Access to our Ask an Editor service - where you can personally email an editor with any Apple-related question and get a response, fast. 
  • Access to an ad-free version of our podcast with extra bonus content we don’t share anywhere else. 
  • Fully stocked archives of 1000+ video tips, 30+ guides and 30+ issues of iPhone Life Magazine, waiting to be browsed through.
  • Exclusive access to the recorded archive of all our premium courses, including Learn to Use Your iPhone with Confidence and Staying Connected from Home

Insider is designed for the iPhone and Apple device user who isn’t satisfied with only using their device to its minimum potential, or having to figure out how to do things the hard way. iPhone Life Insider here to help you make the most of the powerful machine in your pocket

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“I am 67 and the one in our family who actually tries to keep up with technology. If a phone is going to cost me this much I want to know how to use it. Insider has reduced some of the frustration I used to feel by teaching me a lot of helpful things.” - Lynne

“I wanted to go beyond the basics and learn more in-depth tricks and tips about iPhones and iPads. I was worried Insider would be too elementary, but it wasn’t. It teaches me things I did not know, so I don’t have to rely on Google.” - Larry

“Insider helps me use my iPhone more effectively, instead of researching for hours on my own. It’s like your very own library of information.” - Gabrielle

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