Review: Shuttercase for iPhone Photographers

With the vast variety of iPhone cases to choose from, companies have the opportunity to refine their solutions to specific market segments. Some focus on aesthetics, others on utility. In the case of Shuttercase, the company has targeted the photography/videography market with its rechargeable battery case shaped in the style of a DSLR camera back. Does this form factor help or hinder the encased iPhone's camera performance? Read on to find out.

I tested the Shuttercase for the iPhone XS Max ($69), and it transformed an already large iPhone into an even larger encased iPhone. The bump on the back of the Shuttercase where the 3,000mAh rechargeable battery is located made the iPhone nearly impossible to fit into my pocket. Even though the top grip portion of this handle area is removable, it still added a snagging bump to the lower portion of the iPhone. This made the daily use of the case a difficult proposition for me to accept.

However, while this made the case one I wouldn't recommend for every day use, it did make the iPhone much easier to hold for shooting photos and videos. The molded form of the Shuttercase allows provided ample room to attach an external Moment camera lens over the iPhone XS Max's rear cameras, literally transforming the phone into a high-end digital camera. 

While I wouldn't qualify myself as a prosumer photographer, I certainly appreciated the far easier handling of the iPhone for picture taking with the Shuttercase. Not only does the battery bump serve as a grip to better position and hold the iPhone still during photo and video shoots, but the case also has a built-in shutter button on the right side (which becomes the top right of the case when the iPhone is held in landscape mode for photo and video captures). This button doesn't rely on Bluetooth to transmit a button press. Rather, it operates mechanically, making the process of taking photos that much more tactile and satisfying.


  • Transforms your iPhone into the feel of a small DSLR camera.
  • Mechanical shutter button further reinforces the tactile satisfaction of a camera.
  • Rechargeable battery that wirelessly recharges your iPhone.


  • Bulky bump makes pocketing the encased iPhone a hassle.

Final Verdict

If you are an avid photographer or videographer who prefers the lightweight collective simplicity of capturing the world with an iPhone and don't mind adding a bit more bulk to the iPhone to gain a superior handling advantage, check out the Shuttercase. It's the closest thing you can buy to help turn your iPhone into the feel of a dedicated purpose-built camera.

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