Rocketbook: Use Pen & Paper, Save Your Notes Electronically

We were promised the paperless office years ago, but there are still times when it's better to put pen to paper. However, paper's drawback is that it's hard to preserve and share. The folks from Rocketbook sent me their Everlast, Mini, and Wave reusable smart notebooks called Rocketbooks (starting at $16) and I can see how useful they could be.


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First, the notebooks have a special QR code in the corner that can be used when scanning the document using their free Rocketbook app. You select an icon to tell the app where to send the scanned document, such as Evernote, iCloud, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, etc. The app corrects any skewing from taking the photo. The latest enhancement is handwriting OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which makes your documents searchable!

The pages work with dry erase markers or Pilot FriXion pens, depending on the notebook model. They're not that expensive; around $2 each, in quantity. You can erase the ink with the included microfiber cloth. Just wet part of it, wipe, and then dry. The Wave model even supports using a microwave to erase the entire book, but only five times.


  • Affordable paper and pens
  • Works with numerous cloud services
  • Numerous size and color options
  • Leverages free app
  • Erase using water or even microwave
  • Now with handwriting OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


  • Need to deliberately scan paper
  • Requires special pens or dry erase markers
  • Some items are single-use or five-uses only

Final Verdict

If you want smart paper that saves your notes electronically, the Rocketbook platform is a reasonably priced option.

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