Raptic Shield iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Cases: Tough, Attractive, Affordable

If you've purchased a new iPhone 12, you're going to want to do everything you can to protect it. Drops and scratches can wreak havoc with your iPhone, both functionally and aesthetically. Even if you're not planning to purchase a new iPhone this year, you still want to protect the trade-in value of your existing phone in case you decide to upgrade down the road! When it comes to protecting my iPhone, I'm sold on Raptic Shield iPhone 12 Case ($29.99), and not just because they're some of the most affordable high-quality cases on the market.

Let's look at the more obvious benefit first. Raptic's cases are designed for durability. Tested to survive 10-foot drops, the Raptic Shield line of cases incorporates a combination of hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminum, and they exceed United States Military Standard 810G for their ability to protect the contained phone from drops and falls between 6 and 13 feet. While it's unlikely that your iPhone will be doing any skydiving, dropping our phones is a near-daily occurrence for many of us, and replacing a damaged iPhone, or even just a shattered screen, is neither cheap nor fun to do.

Even with the rugged protection provided by Raptic Shield designs, you don't have to sacrifice the ability to wirelessly charge your iPhone—a claim many especially strong device cases can't make. In fact, the Raptic Shield iPhone cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro actually support MagSafe charging at the full 15-watt charging rate. No more having to remove and reinstall your iPhone case every time you need to use your wireless charger. Additionally, the case is crafted to still allow plenty of room for standard Lightning cable charging.

One thing I hear talked about pretty frequently around here is that when you love the way your iPhone looks, you don't want to smother its attractiveness with a case. The clear back panel on the Raptic Shield iPhone case means this isn't an issue. As a bonus, Raptic's cases come in an array of colors meant to serve a wide range of audiences; classic colors like red and black are, of course, the bread and butter of the phone case industry, but Raptic Shield cases also come in fresh and fun colors like the flashy Iridescent, or the ombre-style Teal Gradient and Black & Red Gradient options. I tend to have a hard time shopping for cases since I usually opt for gold or rose gold iPhones, and that means I always end up getting a black case. In this case, I could easily see several of the fun colors looking nice with my phone.

As added bonuses, Raptic's cases are antimicrobial, which in a COVID-affected world is a pretty crucial benefit, and the company offers free shipping on all United States domestic orders and a lifetime warranty on Raptic products.

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