Master the Photos App with This Free Course for Insider Subscribers

Our new Photos App Course: Organize, Edit, Back Up, and Share Your iPhone Pictures started this week, and our attendees tell us they love it so far! Even if you missed this first session, you can still enjoy the rest of the course plus recordings of past sessions when you subscribe to iPhone Life Insider! In this course, we'll show you the hidden features that the app has to offer and walk you through the often-missed basics that will make using Photos a cinch. Not an Insider yet? We can help with that, and right now we're offering a 30% discount!

Your iPhone's Photos app can do so much more than just store your memories; this versatile app provides you with the tools to organize every precious moment that you capture on camera. In this course, we will cover tags, albums, favorites, editing, and the different ways to share your favorite memories with friends and family. We'll also explain how to back everything up so that you never need to worry about losing your digital collections!

The Photos App Course will include weekly live Zoom classes, recorded just in case you have to miss one. In addition to weekly classes, as an Insider you will have access to live group Q&A sessions that will give you a chance to interface with experts and get all of your burning questions answered. Insiders can also use our accompanying printable PDF guide and step-by-step video tutorials to review and reference the tips and tricks we teach in the course.

Did you know enrollment for our expert-led courses previously cost up to $350 per course? Now we are offering the upcoming 2021 courses and our monthly live workshops at no charge to Insider subscribers, which means thousands of dollars in savings. If you haven’t signed up to be an Insider yet, we are currently offering a 30% discount on your iPhone Life Insider subscription! Seniors, veterans, and service personnel receive an additional 10% off.

Here’s how the Photos App Course works:

  1. Attend our weekly live online classes and group discussions. The first session began Wednesday, July 28 at 4 p.m. ET, but replays will be available if you can’t make the live class. 
  2. Follow step by step through tours and tutorials of the Photos app, and ask our experts any questions that you have along the way.
  3. Enjoy using your iPhone with confidence!

As an iPhone Life Insider, you will not only have access to invaluable live courses and workshops, you will also get exclusive access to our daily one-minute video tips, thorough video guides, and even one-on-one assistance for all your Apple-related questions. Subscribe today, and make sure to take advantage of our current offer for a 30% discount.

iPhone Life Course FAQs

How much does it cost?

All iPhone Life courses are free to Insider subscribers! An iPhone Life Insider subscription costs $9.99 a month, $6.99 with our current 30% discount

What iPhone do I need for this course?

You can do this course with any model iPhone as long as it is running iOS 14.5 or later. If you're not running current software, you'll need to make sure you update your iPhone.

What if I can’t attend?

You will get the most out of the course if you join the live session because you can participate in group discussions in real-time. However, each live session will also be recorded so that you can watch it at a later, more convenient time if needed.

What if I have a question?

You can ask a question in any of three ways during the course. The Zoom conference has a Q&A feature where you can type your question and a moderator will answer it. There is also a group chat for questions and comments. Additionally, there will be several occasions for live questions where a few participants will be called on and given a chance to ask a question in the voice channel. Finally, there will also be a dedicated 45-minute Q&A session the following day.

Pro Tip: One of the perks of being an iPhone Life Insider subscriber is Ask an Expert. With this service, Insiders can email any Apple tech-related questions to us and one of our experts will reach out to help!

How do I join the class?

If you're an Insider, go to the Insider Course page. If a course is in session, a Zoom link will appear. Click or tap the link to start watching.

What do I need in order to participate?

You can do the course from any device that is compatible with Zoom. Since this course is about your iPhone, you will most likely want to use another device to join the Zoom conference. That way you can try out everything demonstrated in real-time on your iPhone!

Is there anything I should do to prepare before the course?

Please ensure that you have Zoom set up on the device you plan to use ahead of time. Consider trying out a Zoom call with a friend or family member to make sure that everything works and that you are comfortable using Zoom. Finally, make sure that the devices you'll be using in the course are running the latest software. 

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