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Have you ever gone to take a photo of a friend or family member only to find too late that the photo is grainy or out of focus? The iPhone's camera is packed with features, but you need to know some secrets to take amazing photos. Our free class took place on Tuesday, April 26, at 4:30 p.m. ET, but you can still watch the replay and join our Q&A on Thursday! In fact, you can find the replay link below. If you like the replay and want to keep learning, use our 30% discount code to join iPhone Life Insider to join our exclusive four-week course.

Our free lesson teaches users how to navigate the Camera Settings to take the perfect shot. We covered how to use exposure, depth of field, Timer, Camera Modes, and more! Plus, we gave lots of tips on avoiding common iPhone photography mistakes and improving your videos and photos! This lesson is part of our new iPhone Camera Live Online Course! After the free class, you’ll be able to subscribe to iPhone Life Insider to participate in the entire four-week course.

Watch the replay below or click here:

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