Informant 5: The Best Free Calendar App For iOS

Apple is pretty good about updating its products, but they seem to have forgotten about the Calendar app. The makers of Informant 5 remember, and the latest update to this calendar and task-management app are a productivity game changer. Unlike Apple's Calendar, Informant 5 is updated regularly with improvements based on customer feedback. Just check out the newest feature; the Time Picker.

In previous updates, users entered their event times using a wheel with dials. The newest update replaces the wheels with a numerical keypad. It is small tweaks like this, changes that improve efficiency and the customer experience, that make Informant a stand-out calendar app. The update also improves how you set your date; the year changes automatically when you scroll past December so that you don't accidentally schedule an event for last January. The creators behind Informant are responsive to feedback and care about making their calendar app not just better than Apple's, but also the best calendar software on the market.

Some of our readers certainly agree that Informant is the best. Here's just some of the feedback we've gotten from users:

"I love the app so much that I got it for my Mac as well. Best money spent." — Dena Gann

"Informant 5 is the best calendar app." — Eugene McCain

"I recently got the Informant 5 app. I love it. I heard about it on the iPhone Life Podcast." — Steve Spencer

Once you've experienced Informant for yourself, you'll never want to go back to the default calendar app. You can see what all the hype is about when you sign up for a free iOS trial

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