Indie Project Corner - Building a Great Screen Protector with CINDER

In our next issue of iPhone Life Magazine, we feature a head-to-head matchup of two great screen protectors, both of which came through the crucible of a crowdfunding campaign: Cupert's CINDER and Kyasi's Gladiator Glass. We can't reveal which one came out ahead (you will have to wait for the September/October print issue to find that out), but we can at least tell you a bit more about how a quality product like CINDER can become an indie success, as we were able to do a brief interview with Carsten Nissen, one of the co-founders and COO at Cupert Technology.

An idea is great, but you need a plan as well—technical specifications and design work that can turn your product into something real and of high quality. You'll also need a business plan to make money too. If the cost outweighs your profit in the long run, or the production is not workable, well, your idea may not get very far. There are certainly DIY geniuses out there that can make this all happen single-handedly, but as with many indie efforts we review, this is not usually the case. You will likely need a solid plan and dedicated people to help make it all come together. In the case of Cupert Technologies, they are focused on making a single successful accessory product: a screen protector designed to fit the curved edges of the iPhone 6. Here is some insight from our interview on how Cupert Technology are making that happen:

Q: What was your aim when you set out to create a screen protector product?

A: Our goal was to create only a single product that would standout first, and provide an excellent quality for our customers, of course. It would have to fit the rounded design of the iPhone 6 screen perfectly and provide superior protection.


Q: So what background and experience makes Cupert suited to acheiving such high aspirations?

A: 8 years experience in the screen production business for starters. We have 2 distinct teams that work the marketing and sales aspects, and the other handles the production. Everyone is involved in product design, however.


Q: What aspects of CINDER do you feel set it apart?

A: We feel we are the only manufacturer that can produce a curved screen protection product that matches the exacting standards of the iPhone 6 curved screen, with no loss of clarity and dimensional stability.


Q: I can at least vouch for the quality (without giving away too much about our review), but what are some of the pitfalls that others might want to look out for when trying to make their own ideas an indie success?

A: Create and stick to your plan, but expect to have to deal with unexpected challenges as well. Patience is key here when designing to exacting standards and quality.


Sounds like sound advice for anyone trying to start or run a business, really. Stay focused on what it will take to make your product a success, and get involved with the right people to help make your plan a reality. If you want to learn more about either the CINDER or Kyasi screen protection products (both of which are superb products in our estimation), you can visit the links provided above. You can still pre-order a CINDER at half the MSRP price on their campaign site as well. If you want to find out which we think is the clear victor in our head-to-head review, well, you'll have to wait for our next print issue for that! You may as well sign up for a full subscription now so you won't miss it! 

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