Livestream Super Bowl 2022 on Your Apple TV, iPhone & iPad

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 live, without cable! Date, start time, location & more.

Super Bowl 56 is almost here, and football fans are wondering, when is the Super Bowl, and where? What channel is the Super Bowl on, and how can I watch the Super Bowl livestream? Can I watch the Super Bowl online, free? Let's check out some cheap and free livestreaming options for Super Bowl 2022!

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Watch Super Bowl 2022 on Your Apple TV, iPhone & iPad

Super Bowl 2022 is coming Sunday, February 13, at 5:30 p.m. ET at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Who are the teams playing Super Bowl 2022? This year we'll see the Cincinatti Bengals play the Los Angeles Rams.

Broadcast rights for the Super Bowl are rotated between CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox, so the method for livestreaming the Super Bowl can change from year to year, depending on the channels included in livestreaming services. Fortunately, most livestreaming services don't have long-term contracts, so it's a simple matter to switch providers if your current choice won't be broadcasting Super Bowl LVI. What channel is the Super Bowl on this year? NBC has broadcasting rights in 2022.

For more great livestreaming guides, including how to watch Ted Lasso without Apple TV, check out our free Tip of the Day. Now, let's go over how to watch Super Bowl 2022 on an Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad.

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Yahoo Sports App

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV running iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and Apple TV 13.0 and later

Cost: Free

yahoo sports app

All you need to watch the Super Bowl via the Yahoo Sports app is a Yahoo account. Once you're set up, you can view free live NFL games, local and primetime.

Watch the Super Bowl Stream Free on Your Apple TV 

Some of the streaming services below offer a free trial period, so if you're not yet a subscriber and time your trial period correctly, you should be able to stream the Super Bowl for free.

Peacock TV

Compatibility: Fourth-generation Apple TV running tvOS 13 and later, sixth-generation iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads running iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later.

Cost: $4.99/month with limited commercials, $9.99/month with no commercials.
peacock tv

Peacock TV offers NBC, and includes live sports programming at their two paid levels.

Hulu + Live TV

Compatibility: Fourth-generation Apple TV and later running tvOS 13 and later, sixth-generation iPod Touch, iPhones running iOS 13 and later, iPads running iPadOS 13 and later.

Cost: Hulu + Live TV is $69.99/month with commercials and $75.99/month with no commercials
super bowl on hulu

You need to purchase the Hulu + Live TV package to watch the Super Bowl on Hulu. 

DirecTV Stream

Compatibility: Fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with tvOS, iOS, or iPadOS 12 or later 

Cost: Starts at $69.99/month

Cons: Currently no free trial. Annual or two-year contract with monthly fee for early termination. 

directv stream app

DirecTV Stream offers four different packages that you can stream with its app! The ESPNHD and ESPN2HD are available with all four packages. Check with DirecTV Stream to make sure that ESPN is included in your area

Sling TV

Compatibility: Fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV with tvOS 13, iPhones and iPod Touch with iOS 11 or later, iPadOS 11 and later. 

Cost: $35 per month for Sling Blue

Pros: Three-day free trial

sling tv channels

Sling includes NBC and NBC Sports in their offerings, so you can live stream the Super Bowl if you subscribe to this service.

YouTube TV

Compatibility: Fourth-generation and later Apple TV with tvOS 12 or later, iPhones with iOS 12 or later, iPads with iPadOS 12 or later

Cost: Fourteen-day free trial, first three months for $54.99/month, then $64.99/month

youtube tv

The YouTube TV app includes the NFL Sports Channel and over 85 other channels as well! Make sure YouTube TV includes the NFL Sports Channel or NBC Sports included in your service area before subscribing. 

Digital TV Antenna

souper bowl free with antenna

Yes, it's true; you can legally pick up locally broadcasted channels and stream them to your Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone with an over-the-air or digital antenna. While you might be envisioning the old-fashioned version that looks like a laundry rack attached to your roof, there are now lots of OTA options that stay right inside your house. Some can boost signals, as well, which is really helpful if you live in a rural area. There are lots of choices, so look into whether NBC is broadcast in your area, or could be picked up with an antenna that features signal boosting. Remember to find out which other networks are broadcast, because you could pick up lots of different shows, events, and sports throughout the year if you live in the right area, and that antenna will quickly pay for itself. Some options include AirTV, SiliconDust, and Mohu, but there are lots more out there!

Livestream Super Bowl 2022—Which Method Will You Choose?

I hope that one of these options will help you live stream the Super Bowl to your Apple device, and that you have a great game day with all your favorite snacks! Let me know in the comments which option worked for you, or if you found another method you'd like to share.

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