Apple TV: Your Complete Guide to Setting Up & Streaming On-Demand Content

Learning how to use your Apple TV can be a bit of a process—just ask my mom who is still using the old silver Apple TV Remote with our new fourth-generation Apple TV. But our iPhone Life Insider program is all about breaking down the Apple ecosystem into bite-size pieces you can easily digest. From our one-minute video tips to our growing library of in-depth guides, we want to make Insider the best resource you have. And we’re passionate about it. Our latest project is the Complete Apple TV Guide, which covers everything from setting up your Apple TV and using the Siri Remote to finding the best apps for watching free movies and TV shows, plus much more. This is one of our most in-depth guides to date; check out a few of my favorite videos from the guide below and get a sneak peak of the immense value our Insider membership offers.

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I’ll break down all the fabulous benefits of an Insider membership toward the end of this article, but you really want to learn about Apple TV, right? So let’s jump in. First, watch the amazing Donna Cleveland, our Editor-in-Chief, as she introduces you to everything the Complete Apple TV Guide will teach you:

Apple TV Guide Introduction: Everything You’ll Learn

How to Use the Remote When Watching Movies & TV on Apple TV

This first video comes from part two of the Apple TV guide. After learning how to set up your Apple TV and how to operate your remote, this video goes a step further, showing you all the ways you can control your movie-watching experience with the Siri Remote. Even I learned a couple things from this video, and knowing Apple tech is my full-time job. Donna will walk you through remote functions such as skipping ten seconds ahead or backward, summoning the info pane, and jumping to a specific place on your video timeline.

How to Access Your Cable or Satellite Content on Your Apple TV, iPhone & iPad

This video is essential for anyone who pays for cable or satellite TV. You’re going to get way more content (and on your schedule) by connecting your cable or satellite subscription to your Apple TV (or iOS device). Luckily, Apple created a single sign-on so that you can verify your cable or satellite subscription in one step for all the network (ABC, NBC, ESPN, etc) apps you use. Here’s how:

That’s only a small taste of what the Complete Apple TV guide has to offer. And even the entirety of that incredible, info-packed guide is but a portion of the awesome benefits you’ll receive with your iPhone Life Insider membership. Let’s look at all the goodies included for only five dollars a month (that’s about one cup of coffee).

Insider Membership Perks:

  • 1-minute daily video tip.

  • Access to in-depth video guides and collections, with new ones being added all the time.

  • Access to every issue of iPhone Life magazine.

  • Access to our archive of over 500 video tips.

  • Ability to read iPhone Life magazine from anywhere on your iOS device.

  • Ask an Editor: Our web editor Sarah will answer any questions you have regarding your Apple tech.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots of knowledge to gain. We’re the Apple Support that Apple wishes it could provide. Become an iPhone Life Insider today.

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