The Essential iPad Guide: Tips & Tricks for the Best Tablet Experience

The iPad is an intuitive device, but using it to its full capacity takes time, simply because there are so many different ways to use it. We surveyed our Insider subscribers to see what guides they wanted us to create. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of an iPad guide, which after a month of hard work is available for you to watch, download, and learn the ins and outs of your iPad from. You'll get instant access to the guide when you sign up as an iPhone Life Insider. But first, we’ll take a sneak peek at some of my favorite tips from the iPad guide below, as well as all the benefits of an Insider subscription.

The Essential iPad Guide is our most thorough guide yet. We’re genuinely proud to put it together and see the value it provides for our Insider subscribers whom we so love. The categories of the iPad guide include iPad Basics, Multitasking on the iPad, Typing on the iPad, Essential Accessories, Work & Productivity, and more. You’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg with the video tip previews below. The iPad guide includes over 20 videos jam-packed with info to make your iPad experience the best it can be. Let’s jump in; here’s how to multitask on the iPad.

How to Multitask on iPad

Multitasking on the iPad is a great productivity tool. Split View is available on newer iPads and allows you to have two apps open simultaneously. You can browse the web on the left side of your screen and check your email on the right. If you have an older iPad, you can still use Slide Over, which allows you to view a second app in the right third of the iPad screen. However, you can only use one of the two open apps at a time. Picture in Picture on the iPad makes it easy to watch a video while you do other tasks by pulling the video screen out from the center and floating it to the corner. For instance, you can check out the latest play-by-play from ESPN while you add events to your calendar. Each video below will show you how and include what devices each multitasking feature is available on.

How to Use Split View & Slide Over

  • Open the app you want to use on the left side of your screen first.

  • To open the second app, swipe left from the right side of the display.

  • This will open Slide Over. Swipe down from the top of the right app to enter the App Switcher to choose the app you wish to use. Once you've found the info you're looking for in the app, tap the left app pane to leave Slide Over. Swipe in from the right to reopen Slide Over.

  • To get from Slide Over to Split View, drag the edge of Slide Over pane to the center of the screen.

  • To use a different app on the right side, swipe down from the top.

  • To close Split View or Slide Over, simply drag the center bar to the right and off the screen.

With iOS 10, you can use Slide Over to view two different tabs in Safari simultaneously. The video above explains how to do this as well.

How to Use Picture in Picture

The video above will show you how to turn Picture in Picture on or off in Settings. Once the feature is turned on, use Picture in Picture by:

  • Making the video full screen.

  • Either press the Home button while you’re playing the video or tap the icon that looks like a small rectangle with an arrow inside of it located in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • From here, you can drag the video around the screen or pinch and pull the border to change its size.

  • To turn Picture in Picture off, tap the video and then tap the X that appears over the video to dismiss it. To return to full screen, tap the Picture in Picture icon over the video.

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