How to Turn Off AirPods to Save Battery

Many people want to learn how to turn AirPods off because they think it may help preserve battery life. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. I’ll explain why turning AirPods on and off isn’t possible. Plus, I’ll give you valuable power-saving tips!

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How to Turn Off AirPods Pro

It doesn't matter if you have AirPods or AirPods Pro; none of the existing models have an off button. But then what is the button on AirPods cases? That is the button used to set up or force reset them. Since you do use the button during the initial setup, it may seem like this button is used to turn on AirPods, but this is not the case.

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Do AirPods Lose Battery When Not in Use?

AirPods do lose battery when not in use, but as long as they are in their case, they shouldn't lose charge dramatically. One culprit for fast battery drain even when not in use is Bluetooth. When AirPods are not in use, they enter low power mode that saves battery while leaving them ready to connect instantly.

There is no officially reported Apple AirPods Pro standby time, but people on Reddit claim that they can last up to three or four days out of their case when not used. Of course, the exact number depends on various factors. For example, if your AirPods are in the mode where they search for a device to connect to, the drain will be significantly faster. 

When you leave your AirPods in a charged case, you may think that they are not losing charge because the case is charging them. While it is impossible to prevent drain, the next section will give you tips to slow it down!

How to Slow AirPod Battery Drain 

The two most effective ways to have your AirPod battery last longer are by turning off Automatic Ear Detection and the Double-Tap AirPod command. These take a lot of battery power even when they are on standby. You can learn even more battery-saving tips for your AirPods here.

Now you know why you can’t turn on AirPods or turn them off and understand more about battery drain, plus how to slow it down. If you still experience abnormal drain, there may be a more serious issue. Read this AirPods troubleshooting article next! You can also find out what to do when your AirPods mic is not working
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