Ergo Pro Programmable Keyboard: Protect Your Wrists & Work Faster

Do you find yourself typing the same things over and over, like "please reply at your earliest convenience" or "looking forward to our next lunch"? If so, you might want to check out the Ergo Pro Programmable Keyboard by Matias. Not only can you set up macro keys to create shortcuts for commonly used phrases, but this keyboard is also designed to take the pressure off your joints. Read on to learn how the newest model of the Ergo Pro can improve your workflow and wrist health.

If the repetitive stress of using a keyboard every day strains your thumbs and hurts your wrists, there's a simple fix. Switching to an ergonomic keyboard can quickly improve the situation, and with the Ergo Pro Programmable Keyboard, the solution is ultra-affordable. You're going to love the multiple options for articulation; you can tilt the two sides of the keyboard forward, backward, or sideways, depending on your preference. The included wrist supports are also adjustable, so you can tilt, arrange, or even remove the supports until you find the perfect typing arrangement.

The keyboard layout is easy to use and saves space compared to other ergonomic keyboards, so you can keep using your favorite computer mouse. The navigation keys are within easy reach of your fingers, so you won't have to stretch to move around the page. Plus, the Ergo Pro Programmable Keyboard is designed to keep up with even the fastest typing speeds.

For a truly ergonomic keyboard that does it all at an affordable price, you can't beat the newest model of the Ergo Pro by Matias, available now for only $220



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