Check Out the Newest Body Composition Scale by Withings

Are you still using an analog scale or a digital scale that only tells you how much you weigh? It's time for an upgrade! Withings is known for its award-winning smart scales, and they are launching a brand new one on October 4th. This new Body Comp scale gives you precise information about your muscle, fat, water, and bone mass, as well as your visceral fat. Plus, each purchase of Body Comp comes with a 12-month subscription to the premium Health+ app to help you assess your overall health.

The Body Comp scale provides the most complete assessment ever offered on a Withings smart scale! This includes advanced body composition, exclusive cardiovascular insights, and an Electrodermal Activity Score. This makes the Body Comp a great scale to track your health in a complete way rather than just seeing if your weight has increased or decreased. Whatever your health and fitness goals are, this scale can help you track and achieve them.

To celebrate the launch of the new scale, each purchase includes a year-long subscription to the premium Health+ app. This app can sync with your other smart devices and works alongside the Apple Health app to take data from as many sources as possible to paint a complete picture of your health. With Health+, you can access advanced metrics and an in-depth analysis of your health. It even offers daily engagement support in areas including sleep, nutrition, and activity to help you confidently create a healthy routine that works for you!

Body Comp by Withings works with over 100 apps on both Apple and Android phones, offers auto-recognition for 8+ users, and boasts 18 months of battery life. It even offers Baby Mode, which can easily weigh your baby when you hold them in your arms. This scale offers precision like no other, up to 0.1 lbs (0.05kg), and will guide you to position your body correctly for the most accurate measurement. Buy the Body Comp scale and take your health into your own hands today!

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