Available Now: Double Your iPhone’s Storage Capacity with iKlips DUO+ For Your Keychain

Storage is a valuable commodity on the iPhone, and we could all use a little more of it. The iKlips DUO+ ($79.99) solves this problem with a flash drive small enough to fit on your keychain. About the size of your pinky finger, the iKlips DUO+ can hold pictures, videos, music, documents, backups, and more. This small device has a USB connector on one end and the Lightning plug on the other, which means you can easily transfer data from your iPhone to your iPad, Mac, or PC and vice versa.

The iKlips DUO+ rotates within the metal enclosure to make switching from its USB to Lightning side a quick twist away. This Lightning flash drive lets you store just about anything, but you can also use it to easily transfer pictures and documents. Personally, I find using iKlips DUO+ to store my iPhone backups to be a great way to save storage on my iPhone while making sure all my data is secure. And it makes putting my hundreds of vacation photos on my computer far easier. 

If you’re using a waterproof case, iKlips DUO+ will still be able to reach the Lightning port. It’s designed to work with any case, even the bulky ones. Share your files between all Apple devices and even your PC. Store and manage pictures, videos, documents, backups, and data using the iKlips 3.0 app. Need a little privacy? You can easily set a password and even enable Touch ID to keep your information fingerprint protected.

I love the small leather pouch that comes with iKlips DUO+ to protect it from bumps and bruises. Slide iKlips DUO+ into the leather case, attach the keyring to your keychain, and you’ll have extra iPhone storage wherever you go. The iKlips DUO+ is available in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. Right now, you can get the iKlips Duo+ at huge discounts when you support the Indiegogo campaign. It’s available in six different colors: Royal Orchid, Adam Red, Glowing Amber, Rosy Bronze, Rebel Onyx, and Wild Sapphire.

It’s pretty amazing to me that this tiny device can add a huge amount of storage to my iPhone and make transferring data between devices quick and easy. I love having iKlips DUO+ on my keychain—that way it’s there when I need it. iKlips DUO+ is available now via Indiegogo, and it makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays to come. 

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