New Wordflex Touch Dictionary version released!

True I'm a blogger, but still consider myself a serious writer of sorts, and as such must recommend the Wordflex Touch Dictionary (formerly called TWIG, see our review here) for anyone else in the pursuit of putting fingers to keyboard or iPad screen. I do a fair amount of technical writing, and I'm always rooting around for a good synonym... WordFlex helps me immensely, and it just looks plain awesome while doing it! The latest update (besides changing the name) adds improved navigation features, Retina graphics and much more. The price is hefty at $24.99, but the beauty and capability of this app make it well worth the expense. Bullet list of features after the break...

What's New in Version 1.1

• Retina HD graphic for crystalline text and visuals + greatly improved graphics even for non-retina displays
• Greater interactivity, including expansion of end nodes, a feature strongly requested by users. This allows users to jump from an existing tree to a new one without returning to search.
• New improvements to optimise tree logic, performance and animation
• Improved handling of history
• Increased maximum word-poster sizes

• Context menu for double-tapped words, with options to expand, bookmark or copy to clipboard

• Bookmarking directly from a selected node, to enable easy return to the exact point desired
• Ability to return to the prior tree without opening the history tab

• All previously reported bugs and inconsistencies fixed
• All newly re-authored product guides and texts

You can update your current TWIG version through the normal app store methods. Go to the link in the opener to grab this amazing dictionary reference app!


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