Review: Arkon Headrest Mount & Custom Fit Protective Holder for iPad


If you are in the market for a vehicle mount for your iPad, here is one to consider during your research. Arkon released a Headrest Mount for iPad (model IPM-RSHM). It is designed to attach to your headrest for the people behind you.

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The contents come sealed and protected as you can see in the picture. You receive instructions, the iPad Casing, and the actual mount.

The iPad is installed easily into the case by inserting it. When you here it click, you’re done. (There are two tabs that you press on the case to remove the iPad).

Installing the mount to your headrest is also very easy. The link below includes a video but here are the basic instructions. No tools are required.

-Remove the headrest

-The two arms on the mount, swing and are adjustable. Insert the headrest poles into each of the mounts holes. Make sure you have installed it the proper side up.

-Tighten the mounts using the built in rail clamp knob.

-Place the headrest back into the seat.

-On the back of the case, there are two slots. Insert the dual T-Tabs from the mount into these holes and slide it down. To remove, slide it back up.

-The swivel is adjustable and can be tightened, depending on your viewing pleasure.

That’s it. Installation was easy and straightforward. This whole kit is very tight when set up. I sat in the back seat and viewed and used the iPad with no problem. It was also fairly comfortable for viewing from the next seat over, so the iPad was not directly in front of me (another option). I took to the road and had my son test it out while I was driving. The system was not shaky at all and the iPad stayed in the position I had predetermined it for. He primarily used the video and music functions on the iPad. He did not have any complaints.

The mounting hardware does not take up a great deal of space so this could also be incorporated in your travel needs if you are not using your own vehicle.



•Universal mounting: fits nearly all headrests with uniquely designed, laterally adjustable arms

•Complete 360° rotation for landscape and portrait viewing with 45° horizontal and lateral tilt

•Can be locked into position

•Custom protective holder fits your iPad for easy access to buttons and ports


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