Qmadix ChargerLeash Reminds You Not to Forget Your Charger

Qmadix ChargerLeash

4 out of 5 stars

Qmadix continues to innovate with the forgetful traveler in mind. I’ve written a couple of times about the need to find ways to care for small things while on a trip (most recently with Travel Tips: Taking Care of the Little Things.) Even bigger things can be left behind, but it’s less likely if you employ this new Qmadix solution: the ChargerLeash.

The ChargerLeash isn’t really a leash, it is a wonderfully thick, extra long Lighting cable with a twist, well, not so much a twist as a box—a box beeps. The ChargerLeash is a circuit that is completed by the iPhone. Plug it into the charger, then attach an iPhone or iPad and the circuit does its job, charging your device in serene silence. Disconnect the device and walk away though, and within a few seconds, the box starts sounding off with a rather annoying chirp.

It’s that simple. Combine it with the Qmadix Travel Charging Hub and you can charge up to three devices—two phones and a tablet, at the same time. I recommend connecting the ChargerLeash to the phone since that is the device you are most likely to take with you. The ChargerLeash will not only remind you that the leash and charger remain, but remind you about your other devices as well.

The ChargerLeash comes in black and white, and also in micro-USB, which is good because other iOS device accessories, like external batteries and Bluetooth speakers, often require a micro-USB charger. If you have more than one charger, more than one ChargerLeash ensures equal awareness across all of the outlets you've employed to recharge your stuff.

Even though the company's name doesn’t roll of the tongue, and it doesn’t sell products directly, I have always found Qmadix to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Products can be found at Amazon, h.h.gregg, FranklinPlanner, and Micro Center. My only negative feedback is their packaging, which isn’t always easy to tear into, nor as eco-friendly as I would like. 

Note: this is an early review of ChargerLeash in Qmadix packaging. Qmadix signed a manufacturing and distribution agreement with ChargerLeash through JSN Holdings back in May. Although ChargerLeash is available through channels, it may still come in the pre-Qmadix packaging. Existing retail price is about $35 with various discounts depending on the retailer.

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