Diff Case iPhone Offers Privacy lid, Kickstand, Tripod Mount and More

Have you ever tried using your iPhone in the sun? This can be a very frustrating task. However, the Diff case offers protection from 

the sun. The Diff case has a lid for shade which can be used to block the sunlight or used as a kickstand. The Diff Case can be extremely helpful to a photographer. It can be attached to a tripod in both portrait and landscape position.  The Diff Case makes taking video and still shots a breeze.


The Diff case is very simple to use and install. It simply just snaps together. The lids can be used for holding the phone up while viewing a movie or reading e-mails. It offers full access to all the ports and volume buttons. When the iPhone is inside the case it is completely protected on both sides. They offer several accessories for the Diff case such as a carabineer attachment and a key ring attachment. The Diff case sales for an amazing $30 for a limited time offer at www.diffcase.com. I have included a video demonstration below of the installation. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.


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Mitch Stevens






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