iExplorer HD iPad App Review

You are no longer bound by saved files on your computer.  Because technology has changed; there are now apps available that allow you to access all of your stored files right from your phone or tablet.  This is why iExplorer HD was created.  It has given people the power to access many different attachments from an alternate location as long as you are connected with the right servers.

So, how exactly does this work?  First of all; you need to be connected to an alternate service to access the desired information.  For instance; the iCloud, DropBox, SkyDrive, amongst many others can be tapped into with this app.  When you first log in; you will need to set up all of your accounts in order to begin transferring.  The top left hand plus sign will ask you to add a server and you can choose between a windows network version, the Cloud server, or an FTP Server.  If you have all apple devices; the Cloud server should be just fine.

iexplorer hd app review

Once you click on the server; it will bring you the menu of shared services mentioned above.  When you tap on your preferred one; you can enter the information and begin connecting.  It will instantly bring up the files that you have stored in that particular server and allows the option for saving and uploading.  In fact, the app will do many of this automatically making it very convenient to use.

If you choose to upload pictures; there are additional options available that can alter the overall appearance.  For example; the left list will show you all of the files that were uploaded from your preferred server.  To the right of the screen; you can actually see an example or picture once you click on a selected name from the list.  The bottom arrow will allow you to easily maneuver through the entire list or you click on the bottom right square to see the icons in full view.  This also allows you to set up a slide show of pictures; if you prefer. 

iexplorer hd for ipad

On the main menu; the bottom folder will show you a history of downloads while the information icon to the right will explain how everything works.  The top right button of the listed section is the app's settings and allows you to personalize your organized files.  You can determine how long a photo will show during a slide show and whether you want them to fade into one another or just disappear.  As with any main server; it's important to clear the cache to keep it running smoothly.  Luckily; you can also find this option under the settings category along with other comparative apps on the market. 

This app is still in beta format and has some ticks and alterations that need to be adjusted.  The concept is quite convenient; but, the freezing and issue with deleting files can be problematic for organization.  And since iExplorer HD is specifically designed to access files from your personal device with ease; these hiccups can cause issue with good reviews.  Regardless; the easy-to-use instructions make this app worth the buy for those that store personal files on multiple devices.  You'll never misplace a document again! 

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