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The big news for this summer is the release of Apple’s updated mobile OS and its new iPhone.

In this issue, we take a first look at the new iPhone 3G S. Resting in your hand, it looks pretty much like the 3G, but in this case, looks are deceiving. The 3G S sports a faster processor, better battery life, a 3 megapixel camera, enhanced 3D graphics, and a variety of other improvements. Best of all, Apple claims it’s twice as fast as the 3G. By the time you read this, it should be available from Apple, AT&T, and other vendors. Check it out.

We also review the new iPhone OS 3.0 and software suite. Apple added some nice features to the iPhone and iPod touch, including Cut & Paste capability, enhanced A2DP Bluetooth that supports stereo headsets, an upgrade of SMS to full Multi Media Services, improved search feature, landscape keyboard in Mail and other apps, and additional enhancements to Calendar, Contacts, iPod, and Safari. Apple also added a new native app to the application suite. Voice Memo lets you capture and edit short audio recordings and e-mail or SMS them to a friend. The 3.0 upgrade is available through iTunes, free for iPhone users, and $9.95 for the iPod touch.

App Store sales continue to be strong, and Apple continues to pump advertising dollars into promoting the App Store. We look at some of the best apps available in this issue, including eBook readers, Google Reader and other RSS solutions, reference apps, a variety of games, and apps being used in the arts & humanities.

We also report on apps and accessories we saw at the CTIA wireless show, take a look at some of the top earphones, and review two iPhone/iPod touch stands.

Have you ever thought of visiting Africa? If you do, take your iPhone along. According to the author of  “Backpacking through Africa,” data service is more readily available than you think, and the iPhone lets you stay connected with the rest of the world.

Finally, Enterprise Editor Nathan Clevenger discusses the iPhone OS 3.0 and what its enhancements mean for developers (new, more profitable apps) and IT departments (easier deployment and management of iPhones in the enterprise; greater security). He also takes a look at the top 10 business apps currently available. There’s much more in the enterprise section of the magazine, which has now been split into two sections: At Work and Creating Apps.

Of course, there’s much more in this issue, including five pages of tips, advice on how to extend your battery life, a how-to and using iTunes to sync photos, a review of some of the best Web apps, and more.

The big news may be the new iPhone and OS 3.0, but there is more under heaven and earth than phones and operating systems. Keep reading!

iPhone 3G S and OS 3.0
Summer 2009
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