One More Thing... Thank You

RIP Steve. Thanks you for all the ways you have touched our lives.

David Averbach

Thank you Steve for showing us that our dreams, passion, and vision can change the world.

Alex Cequea

My family and I owe much to Steve Jobs, not just for the gadgets we use (the Apple II in 1980, my original Mac in 1984, to today’s iPad) but the doors he opened al lowing me to become an independent App Developer.

Todd Bernhard

RIP Steve Jobs, thank you for all that you have done for us and for all the ways that you have inspired us.

Marge Enright

Who would have thought that the best camera would be part of a phone! Thanks Steve!

Joel Heffner

It is one thing to lose a friend and another to lose a member of one’s family. Yet how very uncanny it is to feel such sadness and loss at the passing of someone I would not call a member of my family, nor a friend for that matter, because in truth I never met him. Yet the reality is that this brilliant man touched my life, my creative pursuits, my way of being, seeing and experiencing the world, as much as anyone ever has. And for all that and more, I bid you farewell. Your Command-Q came far too early. . .

-Jonathan Marks

Think Different! RIP Steve.

Martyn Webber

Once I made the leap to the iPad there was no looking back. It is technology I actually feel proud to own. I was hooked and a member of the Apple family. Now I feel like a member of my family is gone. And what an impression he has made in my musical life... I say Thank you, Steve Jobs, the foot prints you leave will be too big to fill. But your iconic legacy will carry on in the hearts and minds of all you have touched.

Janet Joyce

Dear Steve, Thank you for being so inspirational, so innovative, and so brave. Your creativity and foresight has changed the world forever for the better.

Mari am Daudi

You and your vision changed my life back in 1988, and what you have done for the people of the world hasn’t been fully realized or appreciated yet! It might take years for people to comprehend the total impact of your foresight, and what it has really done for the betterment of the world’s people, and how in time, it will enable the world to unite! God’s Speed, Peace & Unity.

Jim Cheal

Every day someone on this Earth will be continuing Steve Jobs’ legacy. He had the iTouch, the iSight, the iIntelligence, the iTaste, and most of all, the iVision to see the world as a better designed interface for all of us. Thanks, Steve...Peace Out.

David Bordow

Thank you, Steve, for striving to please me. You always had me in mind--creating something you knew I’d like and then telling me why I’d like it. Your excitement over "insanely great" products became my excitement. You wanted it to be easy for me, and fun, and beautiful. You succeeded. I cherish my iMac, I enjoy the studied elegance of Lion, I love my iPad. Thank you for creating more natural ways to interact with machines, now including talking to them. I feel like you’re still out there someplace thrilling in your vision of the insanely great.

Jim Karpen

I can think of no one who has had such a huge effect on my life. As someone who has just entered the senior years, your vision helps me to remember important dates, to pay bills, to get to where I need to be, to keep me in touch with loved ones, and to free me from thousands of Post-it Notes. You have improved the quality of my life in so many ways. Beyond all that, each time I FaceTime with my little granddaughters, you bring utter joy into my life. I can’t thank you enough, Steve.

Gary Able

I still remember in my 5th grade computer classes in Saudi ... I always had to sit at one of the computers with the rainbow apple on it :-)

Claudiane Pierre Toussaint

Thanks for all the innovation! From the 1st gen iPod, you could see that the power and simplicity that Steve Jobs designed into it were game-changing. An amazing visionary, and a sad loss.

 -Nate Adcock

I know we all saw this day coming, but we hoped somehow, by some miracle, it would not come for a long time. Alas, it is here. I know whenever a new product is announced by Apple, my excited anticipation will somehow never be the same without Steve Jobs being at the center of it. I already look back to those days as "the good ol’ days". Thanks for the memories, Steve. I will miss your smile as you hold the latest and greatest new device! Godspeed.

Lisa Mobley-Shetler

Goodbye to the Henry Ford of our time. You have changed our world forever. You have enriched all of us with your knowledge. Rest in peace sir...

Sandra Haroutunian-Trinity

Thanks to Steve for his endless creativity, passion, and vision. Thanks to Steve for sharing his humanness, as an adopted child, a fired employee, a proud father and an entrepreneur who overcame what he could with zest and succumbed to what he could not. He was an inspiration to all of us, even as his health was failing. When I got the news I was holding my iPhone in my hand and felt that I was holding a small piece of his genius in my hand. We have lost a true visionary and a brilliant human being!

-Karen Messick

We have lost one of the geniuses of our day. He truly changed the way we live and communicate. It is so sad that he’s gone and at such a young age. He will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.

Renee Lamkay

There’s not much more to say than:

Thank you, Steve! Thank you for giving mankind the best computer hardware running the most advanced operating system! Thank you for revolutionizing the way we use and think about computers today! Thank you for the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad! Thank you for the Mac! Simply... THANK YOU! You fought a long and hard fight. May your soul now rest in peace...In greatest gratitude and admiration.

Dave Schöttl

Thank you for the iPhone, the iPad, and for making my audio so accessible. Thanks for listening to your inner voice and turning that vision into such elegant realities.

Hal Goldstein

I never really thought of Mr. Jobs in terms of how he had impacted my life. But as I sat explaining to my children who he was, I realized that Mr. Jobs truly changed the course of my life. The first time I sat down to an Apple IIe, I was hooked on technology. I hope his family can find solace in knowing that Steve Jobs’s legacy lives on each time a child is inspired by what he created.

Jacqueline Morley Dougherty

Your courage, creativity, innovation, and ability to “think different” has been—and will always be—an inspiration to so many of us. For all that you have done and all that you have been, I thank you, Mr. Jobs.

-Adam Harvey

Two years ago I never understood, then I bought my’ iPhone, then an iPod Nano and now my iPad. I now understand the Steve Jobs way. He will be missed.

Gerard Gilden

January-February 2012
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