iPhone car Mounts

#1 Magellan Premium Car Kit


Magellan Premium CarKitTransform your iPhone or iPod touch into a 3-in-1 powerhouse. The mount not only allows your cellphone to become a vehicle navigational system, it also receives an enhanced GPS signal and allows for hands-free calling. With this mount, you can consolidate your GPS and iPhone into one single setup. Another great feature is that you can leave your iPhone in its protective case. The fact that you don’t have to take off your protective case to mount your cellphone securely is a huge plus and timesaver. Overall, this is one of the best options for your iPhone or iPod touch.

#2 Satechi CR-3600

($29.99 at

ISatechiCR-3600f you are in search of a mount free of any additional features, then Satechi has the one for you. This is an affordable mount that offers two different options: a windshield and a dashboard mount. Either one can offer the best option for visibility, depending on your vehicle.

#3 Macally mCup Adjustable Cup Holder


Macally mCup Adjustable Cup HolderIn those states that don’t allow for windshield mounts, this alternative that can save you. This handy little cup-holder mount allows the user complete access to their iPhone. The only downside is if your car does not have a cup holder within your normal line of vision.

iPad car Mounts

When you’re choosing an iPad car mount, the sheer size of it is the main determining factor. Unfortunately, the market has not been able to produce a plethora of top-notch car mounts for the iPad just yet, but here are a few mounts that have made an impression.

#1 Ram Mounts



Ram MountsIf you haven’t decided where you would like to place your iPad in your car, then this is for you. Ram Mount offers three options for mounting your iPad: seat base (left), windshield (center), or cup holder (right).


Seat Base (Ram Pod I, $73.68)

The seat base offers a great solution for mounting your iPad securely and doesn’t block your field of visual by being placed on the dash or windshield. The mount is attached to the base bolt that holds the passenger’s seat in place. This way, you don’t have to drill any holes in your car to securely mount your iPad.

Windshield (Ram Twist Lock, $57.86)

Windshield mount optionThe windshield option offers convenience but can impede your line of vision while driving.

Cup Holder (RAM-A-CAN II, $52.63)

Cup holder mount optionThe cup holder mount is perfect for those of you who live in states that don’t allow windshield mounts. It also leaves the passenger seat free and fits conveniently into your cup holder.

Overall, the car mounts from Ram Mount offer the most versatility and stability. You are free to choose how you would like to mount your iPad.

#2 Siig Windshield iPad Car Mount


This quick and handy windshield mount adjusts and moves easily. There are two suction cups that allow for a more secure hold and easily rotate to either portrait or landscape mode. The simplistic and sleek design allows the user full access to all of the buttons and functions on the iPad. Its adjustable bracket arms can accommodate any other flat panel device that fits within the 5” to 8” width and up to 0.5” depth. For example, you could swap out your iPad for an e-book reader or another type of tablet. Although this mount is far simpler and perhaps less stable than a seat base holder, it still allows for versatility at an affordable price.

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January-February 2012
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