How do I search using Google Mobile App?

Google MobileIn addition to working as a regular search engine, Google Mobile App (free, integrates photo recognition, voice commands, and support for over 15 languages. Here are some of its features:

Power up your online searches with the Google Mobile App.

  • Google Goggles: Take a picture of a landmark, book, business card, artwork, or object, and Google Goggles will return relevant search results based on the picture you took. For example, if you take a picture of the Statue of Liberty, Google Goggles will recognize it and return relevant search results (as if you had typed "Statue of Liberty" into the Google search engine).

  • Location recognition: If you search for "movie times," for example, the Google Mobile App will give you the start times for the closest movie theaters in your area. (Location Services must be turned on.)

  • Voice Activation: If you hold up your iPhone to your ear and speak your search into it, the Google Mobile App will recognize the position of the phone and activate when it is by your ear. After you stop talking, it will search for whatever you said. For example, saying, "What is 25 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?" will return a Google search result with the answer (77 degrees).

  • Google Suggest: The app will suggest search terms as you type, and you can tap on them at any time.

  • Search your Contacts and History: When you type a search into the Google Mobile App, it will automatically search your Contacts and History in addition to its regular Internet search.

  • Connect with other Google Services: From within the app you can open your Gmail, Calendar, and other Google services.

May-June 2011
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