How do I make a conference call?

conference callsMaking conference calls is super easy with the iPhone. Follow these steps:

  1. Make a phone call and wait until you connect.

  2. Tap on the Add Call option on your Phone screen to dial a second person.

  3. Dial and connect to your second caller. You will see both calls on the top of your screen, one saying HOLD and the other showing a small phone next to a timer to indicate you're currently speaking with this person.

  4. Tap on the Merge calls option to create a conference call with both callers.

If you're already on a call and another call comes in, you can simply press Hold Call + Answer, and then tap Merge Calls to add both callers to a conference call. You can have up to 5 people on a conference call.

Watch your minutes

Conference calls can eat up your minutes faster than regular calls. Two callers means you're using twice as many minutes, 3 callers means three times as much. Check your minutes by visiting your carrier's website, or downloading a data usage app. Note: Both AT&T and Verizon have free apps in the App Store that let you access your data usage from your device: AT&T My Wireless (Free, and My Verizon Mobile (Free,

May-June 2011
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