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Since our start in 1985, we have believed that the end-user is the true expert and should be the featured writer in our publications. This philosophy means that any of the 40 million iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide can be part of our editorial staff. This approach ensures that the content in our magazine reflects the breadth and depth of iPhone usage. In this new century, the Internet, social networking, and iPhone apps have allowed us to expand this model.

I am particularly proud of the iPhone Life Web site (iPhone Life.com) and our blogs (iphonelife.com/blog). In them, every day, you’ll find new interesting reviews, news, tips, and insights about the iPhone.

Our Bloggers

We have an exceptionally strong collection of individuals who post for us. Many of them also contribute to the magazine.

I am going to highlight some of our most prolific bloggers to give you a sense of the nature and breadth of our online content.

Jim Karpen (235 posts)

Jim KarpenJim is a close friend, a university professor, and a writing instructor. He has helped us since we began almost 25 years ago. Jim now works for us on a part time basis, providing great content for both iPhoneLife.com and our Windows Mobile site, SmartphoneMag.com. Jim posts about interesting news items and intriguing new apps in a straightforward, clear, involving, and practical manner. A few of his recent (late October) topics:

  • Gloves for using iPhones

  • 100 apps to boost your brain power

  • 301+ Short Stories — a lot of great classics for only 99 cents

  • Thundergod — listen to the relaxing sound of thunderstorms

  • TV stations to broadcast TV over the air to mobile phones


Nate Adcock (75 posts)

Nate AdcockNate moved with us, albeit kicking and screaming, from our Windows Mobile site, where he continues to blog. Nate covers lots of apps and news and is especially fond of games for his iPod touch. Look to Nate’s blogs for contests and giveaways. Here are some of his recent posts:

  • Final Day to Win AT&T Navigator!

  • ESPN Radio now available in the App Store!

  • Star Walk 3.0 Giveaway...Win a Free Version!!

  • iConcertCal Review

  • Use FreeAppAlert to find Free iPhone Apps!

Werner Ruotsalainen (59 posts)

WernerRuotsalainenWerner, a Microsoft MVP and also a star from our Windows Mobile site, is amazing. If you are somewhat technical, really into games or any other topic Werner happens to select, and are an unabashed geek, you must read his posts. English isn’t Werner’s native language, and although his usage isn’t perfect (it has gotten much better over the years), I let Werner post without restriction. Werner also posts a lot of videos at YouTube channel iPhoneLife2. Here are some of his most recent classics:

  • Yes, you can put several hundred applications on your iPhone!

  • Multiplayer game news

  • iPhone OS 3.1.2 A2DP / AVRCP (stereo Bluetooth) iPhone 3G / 3GS test results

  • OS 3.1 Warning: Voice Memos became severely restricted!

  • Great iPhone Web browser hack: make (unreadably) small text much larger!

  • Everything you will ever want to know about the remote desktop controllers on the iPhone - Part II

Eric Pankoke (37 posts)

Eric PankokeEric is yet another refuge from our Windows Mobile magazine and Web site. He specializes in games and has jumped into the iPhone arena with full force. His recent blog posts include:

  • Review: Cash Cow from Chillingo

  • Review: SwingALing by PocketMonkeyGames

  • Review: Dragon Portals by 10tons Ltd

  • Interview with AddictingGames Part 3 (include 50 States review)

Christopher Peri (37 posts)

Chris PeriChristopher is eclectic in his approach and often covers some of the most cutting-edge iPhone related topics:

  • Google releases turn by turn Nav. When on the iPhone?

  • Text message (SMS) to voice on the iPhone

  • Flash Professional CS5 on the iPhone!

  • Connect the iPhone to MS OneNote using MobileNoter

  • The beginning of the Tablet war.

Cindy Downes (31 posts)

Cindy is all over the place with her fun and practical posts; she occasional focuses on some quirky topics:

  • How to Make Traveling With Children FUN!

  • Book Reader—a nice read, but not all that it’s advertised

  • No more faxes for me

  • Do you remember the photo booths on the boardwalk?

  • A no-maintenance aquarium for fun and relaxation

John Painter (24 posts)

John PainterAlthough interested in all things related to the iPhone, John focuses on apps for children and about the humanities. John also does innovative and fun YouTube videos for iPhone Life. such as the one accompanying “Deadly apps for Halloween.” Other examples of his posts include:

  • Connecting iPhone/iPod to a TV

  • Get animated with Animoto

  • iPhone and experiential education

  • OutColor is out of this world

In addition, Dr. Harvey Castro and Tracy Sebastian just joined the team and focus on medical apps and apps for moms, respectively. Marc Jacoby is a professor of music and covers music. Steve Green provides great tips and how-to’s.

iPhone Life Bloggers and # of posts as of 10/30/09

Gary Abel (3)  -  Nate Adcock (75)  -  Tari Akpodiete (4)  -  Todd Bernhard (13)  -  Ken Burkhalter (12)  -  Elizabeth Christian (20)  -  Ken Daley (5)  -  Cindy Downes (31)  -  Doug Goldring (4)  -  Hal Goldstein (14)  -  Steve Green (22)  -  Marc Jacoby (5)  -  Patrick Jordan (4)  -  Jim Karpen (235)  -  Harvey Castro MD (1)  -  Noah Ouellette (1)  -  John Painter (24)  -  Eric Pankoke (37)  -  Christopher Peri (37)  -  Timothy Prentiss (15)  -  Mike Riley (2)  -  Werner Ruotsalainen (59)  -  Bryan Schmiedeler (4)  -  Kevin Sitek (5)  -  Christy Smith (7)  -  Ben Stallings (12)  -  Paul Stokstad (2)  -  Tracy Sebastian (1)

 How to Participate

If you are interested in blogging or contributing to the magazine, read iphonelife.com/share and then contact me.

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