Reminders Not Syncing? Try These 4 Tips

What to Know

  • If your Reminders are not syncing, make sure iCloud is toggled on for Reminders on both your iPhone and your Mac.
  • You'll also want to make sure Reminders has access to cellular data on your iPhone.
  • If neither of these work, try signing out of iCloud and back in.

Are you having trouble with Reminders not showing up on iPhone or Mac? If you're struggling with how to sync Reminders from iPhone to Mac or iPad, or vice versa, we've put together a list of troubleshooting tips on how to sync Reminders on iPhone and Mac.

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Reminders Not Syncing? Check These Things First

The Reminders app on your iPhone can only sync with other devices through iCloud. Before we get into more involved troubleshooting tips, let's go over a few things that will need to be configured properly for you to sync Reminders between iPhone and Mac:

  1. Make sure the iCloud Reminders system is up and running via Apple's site. If the system is down, your reminders are not syncing from iPhone to Mac or vice versa, and you'll need to wait until the system is back up and check again.
  2. If you can't sync Reminders from iPhone to Mac, it may be because you're signed in with different Apple IDs across your devices. Sign in to all of your devices using the same Apple ID.
  3. Make sure you're connected to the internet. Because the Reminders app depends on iCloud to sync between devices, it needs a stable internet connection or access to cellular data to function.
  4. Check your iCloud storage limit: if you have used up all your iCloud storage, your Reminders may not sync across devices.

Now that we've gone over the basics, let's dive into some more involved troubleshooting tips for how to sync Reminders from iPhone to Mac and other Apple devices. For more easy  troubleshooting techniques, check our our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

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1. Toggle iCloud Reminders On

For your Reminders app to sync across all your Apple devices, you'll need to make sure iCloud has access to it. Here's how:

  1. In your Settings app, tap on your name.

    Tap on your name
  2. Tap iCloud.

    Tap iCloud
  3. If Reminders is toggled off, toggle it on.

    Toggle Reminders on

2. Make Sure Reminders Has Access to Mobile Data

If you experience trouble syncing Contacts from iPhone to Mac when not connected to the internet, it may be because your Contacts app does not have access to mobile data. Here's how to make sure your contacts can sync even when you don't have an internet connection:

  1. In your Settings app, tap Cellular.

    Tap Cellular
  2. Scroll down to Reminders and make sure it is toggled on.

    Toggle Reminders on

3. Sign Out of iCloud & Back In

Sometimes a setting you don't know is on or another mysterious glitch can be reset simply by signing out of your account on iPhone or Mac and signing back in. This can sometimes fix issues like Reminders not syncing.

How to Sign Out of & Back In to iCloud on iPhone

  1. In your Settings app, tap your name.

    Tap on your name
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Sign Out.

    Tap Sign Out
  3. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted.
  4. Tap Turn Off.

    Tap Turn Off
  5. Determine whether you'd like to keep a copy of your data on your iPhone. This data will be available as soon as you sign back in again, but if you're concerned, you may want to make a backup of your iPhone before signing out of iCloud.

    Keep a Copy
  6. Confirm Sign Out.

    Sign Out
  7. Confirm Sign Out again.

    Tap Sign Out
  8. After you're signed out, you'll be returned to Settings. Tap on Start Using iCloud.

    Start Using iCloud
  9. Tap Start Using iCloud.

    Start Using iCloud
  10. Tap Continue.

  11. Enter your iPhone Passcode.

    Enter Passcode
  12. Tap Merge.

    Tap Merge

Now you're signed back into iCloud. Give it a minute, then check your Reminders app to see if it has synced up.

How to Sign Out of & Back In to iCloud on Mac

  1. Open System Preferences.

    System Preferences
  2. Click Apple ID.

    Apple ID
  3. Click Sign Out.

    Sign Out
  4. Choose whether to keep a copy of your data and click Keep a Copy.

    Keep a Copy
  5. Enter your password and click Continue.

  6. Sign back into your iCloud/Apple ID by entering your Apple ID information into the popup window and clicking Next.

  7. Enter your Mac password and click OK.


Now you're signed back into iCloud. Give it a minute, then check your Reminders app to see if it has synced up.

4. Restart Devices

Earlier, we tried closing and opening the Calendar app on your iPhone to fix an iPhone calendar not syncing. If closing and restarting the Reminders app doesn't work, you can also try to restart your devices to get your calendars to sync across all of them. If you're not sure how to restart your iPhone or iPad, you can read this article on restarting your iPhone and how to force restart iPhones.

Restarting your device may help any malfunctioning apps fix themselves, so after you've booted back up, check your Reminders app again to see if the syncing issues have resolved themselves. Once your Reminders app is back up and running correctly, learn how to turn off shared iPhone reminder notifications.

If you're having other syncing challenges, learn how to fix your iPhone Calendar not syncing.


  • How do I stop syncing Apple Reminders? To stop syncing Reminders, toggle off iCloud for Reminders on one or both of your devices.
  • Do Apple Reminders sync across devices? Yes, if iCloud is toggled on for Reminders on each device.
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