Qmadix Invisible First-Defense Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Stick-on screen protectors are a thing of the past. The future is here now with Qmadix’s Invisible First-Defense+ Liquid Glass Screen Protector. You read that correctly—liquid glass. This idea might sound counterintuitive at first, but Qmadix’s liquid design is exactly what allows the screen protector to create a strong protective surface, using nanotechnology to provide a level of hardness equal to sapphire. Recently, I had a chance to try the screen protector out myself, so I’ll give you an in-depth review of my experience so far.

Qmadix’s screen protector is 500 times thinner than human hair. The molecules of the liquid fill the pores of your glass screen, creating a smooth invisible coating that makes your iPhone screen scratch resistant while repelling 99.9 percent of bacteria. Part of the beauty of this screen protector is how easy it is to apply and how it works with any device with a screen, going on bubble-free and protecting even curved glass edges. Qmadix also throws in a screen protection guarantee that provides up to $100 toward screen repairs if your device's screen is damaged while using the product.

Now, I’m very (very) clumsy with my iPhone. I’ve dropped it behind couches, off of counters, onto loose gravel—I’m a clumsy mess. So removing my glass screen protector to use the a liquid glass screen protector felt like a leap of faith. At first, I was more than skeptical: when you unbox the Qmadix First-Defense Liquid Glass screen protector, you receive two ‘wipes’ that remind me of the kind my mom used to clean sticky child’s hands with. And one of them is basically that; it’s meant to clean your screen and can be found included in nearly every screen protector you might buy. The second wipe, however, is the liquid glass screen protector fluid. Once you’ve cleaned your naked iPhone screen with the first wipe, you let it dry. Then you take the liquid screen protector and wipe it in a circular motion over the entirety of your screen. Let it dry for five minutes, buff off the excess residue with the included cloth, and voilá! You’re ready to use your newly protected iPhone.

This was the moment I started questioning everything. When you put the liquid screen protector on, it’s easy to feel like the invisible part of it is a little too invisible. While I generally find solid glass screen protectors a hassle to constantly replace, it gave me peace of mind to see a small lip around the edges. The nice thing about the Qmadix Invisible First-Defense Liquid Glass screen protector is that your screen and touch sensitivity doesn’t change at all. That was disconcerting at first, and I was extra careful for the first 48 hours, which is when the product cures, creating the solid layer of defense between the ground and your screen.

Now, I’ve been using the Qmadix Invisible First-Defense Liquid Glass Screen Protector for about three weeks now, and I can assure you that I’m still my ridiculously clumsy self. Looking at my screen, you can’t tell there’s a liquid glass screen protector on it, yet there is a certain sheen that wasn’t present before. Overall, I’ve been surprised at how much I like the invisible screen protector. My new peace of mind is the screen protection guarantee for up to $100. While I never expect that I’ll need to use it, it’s comforting to know it’s there. Meanwhile, I’m saving a chunk of money by not needing to replace the darn thing every month.

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