Manage Apple Devices Remotely with Jamf Now

Managing smart devices is essential for businesses and schools, especially when operating remotely. Jamf Now is a cloud-based mobile device management system that currently oversees 20 million Apple devices worldwide. Jamf Now allows you to configure settings, add email accounts, download apps, and set up security measures for all of the company's devices. You can try this with up to three devices for free and add more for just $2 per device, paid monthly.

Jamf Now makes it possible to manage Apple devices remotely. It can provide education options for students or synchronize Mac settings for all your employees. Jamf Now helps save hours, if not days, by automating setup of your company's tech. It can even eliminate the need for an IT team. Jamf Now can configure iPads, iPhones, Macs, and even Apple TVs no matter where they are. After setup, Jamf Now can take care of maintenance and future updates as well!

Let's look at an example of what Jamf Now can do. If an unexpected event forces employees to work remotely, it can deploy company-wide apps to every connected device. With a click of a button, everyone's Mac, iPhone, and iPad will now have access to Slack for team communication, or Dropbox for file sharing. With Jamf Now, there is no need to manage every single device individually. Benefits include avoiding lengthy phone calls to troubleshoot any issues that take away valuable work time. Jamf Now also makes it possible to manage, launch, update, and change license permissions without disrupting your employees' workflows.

What makes Jamf Now so popular is that it works alongside Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager. This allows companies to remotely establish configuration profiles as well as new policies for all employee devices simultaneously. The service also works with the Volume Purchasing Program, which allows for bulk purchases of apps from the Apple App Store. This seamless cohesion is why companies such as IBM and SAP have jumped on the Jamf bandwagon. Plus, seven of the top 10 Fortune 500 tech companies and 24 of Forbes’s 25 most valuable brands use Jamf to manage their Apple devices.

Finally, Jamf Now makes it easy to secure all of your sensitive data. It can remotely enforce passcodes and even lock or wipe devices that have been lost or hacked. This can also be useful when Apple devices are passed on to new employees. Jamf Now can even be used to ensure that your end devices require encryption and passwords to prevent potential security breaches. Mobile device management is key to a successful business in 2021. Jamf Now makes remotely managing Apple devices easy and affordable, saving you time, money, and maybe even stress-induced gray hairs. Ensure protection, account configuration, and an uninterrupted workflow for your employees or students. Try Jamf Now for free today.

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