Do I Need an iPhone Camera Protector for the 15 Pro?

What to Know

  • An iPhone camera cover can help protect your protruding iPhone 15 Pro lenses.
  • Some iPhone lens protectors can trap dirt, cause glares, and otherwise interfere with your camera.
  • Using an iPhone case with camera covers is another option, but downsides exist.

The newer iPhone models have protruding camera lenses, which is why many users consider purchasing an iPhone camera lens protector. Third-party sellers have a wide selection of iPhone camera covers and cases with built-in camera protectors. However, some lens protectors may interfere with your photos.

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Do You Need iPhone Camera Covers for the 15 Pro?

Newer iPhones have protruding camera lenses, so it is natural to want to find a way to protect them. So, do you need an iPhone camera cover for the iPhone 15? No, you don't. The bottom line is that this isn't necessary: camera protectors generally cause more problems than they solve. But you do have options if you want to be extra safe.

When I got my iPhone 13 Pro Max, I immediately ordered iPhone lens protectors, but they didn't work out the way I expected them to. First, I tried the individual stick-on protectors that go over each lens, and when they weren't falling off, they were causing glares, smudges, and otherwise ruining my photos and videos.

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After the stick-on protectors were removed, I got a waterproof iPhone case that encased the entire phone, protecting the lenses. This worked better, except it made the phone overheat often, and this sometimes resulted in condensation on the lenses.

Finally, I tried an iPhone case that had a sliding camera protector. This worked the best, but I found that I missed out on action shots because I had to slide open the camera protector. Ever since, I have given up on iPhone camera protectors, preferring regular phone cases that have a higher lip around the lenses. Keep in mind that if the lip is too high, it might show up in photos when you use the wide lens or Macro mode. For more iPhone tips, check out our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

Even though the lens stickers, waterproof case, and sliding camera protector didn't work for me, there are thousands of third-party apps that sell these iPhone accessories, and you may find one that works for you. It is a good idea to be aware of the protruding lenses because if one breaks, you cannot replace just the one broken lens. If you have AppleCare Plus for your iPhone, repairs and replacements are more affordable. If you are concerned about your device, I would suggest getting AppleCare+ instead of experimenting with iPhone camera protectors that might ruin the quality of your images.

Now you know more about iPhone camera covers and protectors. It is always a good idea to keep your device safe with protective cases, AppleCare Plus, and frequent software updates. Next, find out if you should use a screen protector for your iPhone.


  • Is the iPhone 15 Pro camera lens scratch-proof? Apple claims that the iPhone lenses are made with hard tempered glass that is resistant to scratches from daily use. While the lenses should be okay after some contact with keys or coins, they can be damaged if you aren't careful.  
  • How do I protect my iPhone 15 camera? iPhone camera protectors and lens covers are options, but the best way to protect your iPhone camera is with a quality phone case and AppleCare Plus.
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