iPhone Calendar Disappeared? Restore It Fast

What to Know

  • To restore Calendar on your iPhone, you can download it again from the App Library.
  • If you think your Calendar was deleted on iPhone, use Search to see if it's still there or check your App Library.

Is Calendar deleted on your iPhone? If the Calendar app on your iPhone disappears, it can cause your day to be stressful. We'll show you how to use the App Library or Search to find your missing Calendar app, or download it from the App Store if you accidentally deleted it. Let's get started!

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Add the Calendar Back to Your iPhone

If your iPhone Calendar has gone missing, use this tip to bring the Calendar icon back to your iPhone Home Screen. If you accidentally deleted your Calendar app, you need to reinstall the app from the App Store. To get the Calendar back on your iPhone:

  1. In the App Store, tap Search.

    search for an app in the app store
  2. Type "Calendar" in the Search bar, then tap Search.

    tap search
  3. Once you locate the Calendar app, you will have the option to tap either Open or the download icon.
  4. If you see Open it means that the Calendar app is installed on your iPhone already. You can simply tap Open to use your calendar right away, and go through your app folders later to find the app and put it in a more easily visible location. The download icon means that you somehow deleted the Calendar app from your phone; tap the icon to re-download the app.

    tap open to open the calendar app

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 Quickly Locate the Calendar App with Search

If you didn't accidentally delete your Calendar app, then it might be hiding somewhere in a folder or the App Library on your iPhone. Finding the Calendar app on your iPhone is easy using the iPhone Search feature, which will search both the App Store and your device. Here's how to search for a missing app on your iPhone with Search.

  1. On your Home Screen, tap Search to open the Search Field.

  2. Type "Calendar" in the search field at the top of your display.

    enter missing app name in search bar
  3. Tap Calendar in the results or tap go.

    tap the app icon or tap go

If the Calendar app is in a folder, the name of the folder will appear to the right of the app icon (if you've typed enough of the full name of the app in the search field and ignore the suggestions that pop up before that). You can move your Calendar app out of the folder it's in and put it somewhere more visible, so you don't have to search for it every time you need it. 

Find the Calendar App in the App Library

The App Library offers a great way to keep all your apps organized. The App Library is also a handy tool that will show all your apps and help you find apps that are hidden, missing, or have disappeared. This feature also allows you to delete icons from your Home screen while still keeping the app itself in your App Library. If your iPhone calendar is missing, but you didn't delete the app, you'll be able to find it in your iPhone's App Library.

Whether you add your Calendar app back to your Home Screen, or learn it was already there and you missed it, you can now move the app to a more convenient location like the first Home Screen or your Dock. Now, learn how to search events in your calendar to make the most of your days! If your Safari app has also disappeared, you can learn some easy ways to get Safari back on your iPhone


  • How do I get the Calendar app back on my Home Screen? To restore Calendar on your iPhone, you can either add it to your Home Screen from the App Library or download it again from the App Store.
  • Can you delete and reinstall the Calendar app on iPhone? Yes, you can delete the Calendar app from your iPhone and reinstall it again from your App Store. Deleting it will not clear your calendars delete the app's data.
  • How do I find a deleted app on my iPhone? You can use the Search bar or App Library to find an app that has been deleted from your Home Screen or download the app again from the App Store.
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