How to Purchase & Download Apps on Your iPhone & iPad

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It's important to know how to purchase and download an app from the App Store. That's half the fun of having an iPhone or iPad, being able to try all sorts of apps for work and fun. Here's how to do just that.

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Note: You will need to have an Apple ID and an up-to-date iTunes billing method set up in order to purchase apps. Take a moment to set up an Apple ID and update your iTunes billing information if you need to.

  • Open the App Store app.

  • You can browse apps with help of the tabs at the bottom. Today shows the popular apps of the current day, Games is for popular games, and Apps is for a general overview of what’s popular and new in the App Store. I'm wanting to find a budget-tracking app, so I start by tapping Search to look for apps matching that description in the App Store.

Now I’ve found two apps I want to download. The first app is free. Though it does have in-app purchases, there’s no payment needed to download this app. Here’s how to download a free app in the app store:

  • Tap Get.

  • I’m signed into my Apple ID account, so now I just tap Install. After the app is done loading, I can find its icon on my phone and open the app.

The second app requires a purchase to download. Here’s how to purchase an app in the app store:

  • Tap the price underneath the app name.

  • Tap Purchase.

  • Confirm Apple ID by entering your password. My card information is linked to my Apple ID, so I don’t have to fill it out to complete the purchase.

  • After the app is purchased, it will start to load. After it’s done loading, I can find the app icon on my phone and open the app.


Now I have two budget-tracking apps to try on my iPhone. I try new apps every week and the App Store provides new ones every day. Some of my favorite apps are for reading webcomics and playing trivia games. What are some of yours?

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