How to Remove or Change Your Credit Card on the iPhone (2019)

How to Change the Credit Card Associated with iTunes

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Have you ever tried to buy a new song on iTunes only to find that your credit card or Apple ID info are out of date? In this article, we'll show you how to update or change your iTunes billing info on iPhone or the computer. We'll also cover how to remove your credit card information from iTunes and your Apple ID on iPhone. Each Apple ID can be assigned a credit card for use with iTunes, the App Store, iBooks, and any other in-app purchases. So let's dive into how to keep your Apple ID and billing info up to date so that you can get back to buying those rad tunes!

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There are many reasons you might want to edit your Apple ID or billing info, from a new credit card to a recent move or adding someone new to Family Sharing. Because there are so many reasons for editing your info, we'll cover each available method below. 

Why Can't I Remove My Credit Card from iPhone?

First thing's first; while you can delete your credit card information or billing info altogether, we highly recommend updating your iTunes and Apple ID billing info instead. Making edits to your billing info is much simpler than starting over from scratch. Completely removing your credit card from your iPhone means you won’t be able to sign up for subscriptions, buy apps or music, or do anything else on iPhone that requires payment information. However, if you have your heart set on removing your credit card from your iPhone, and have been unable to complete the process on your own, we'll help you troubleshoot the problem below.

If you've tried and failed to delete your credit card information in your Apple ID, it’s probably because of one of the following things is preventing you from removing your credit card:

  • You have an unpaid balance or payment due.
  • You have an auto-renew subscription active.
  • You’re part of Family Sharing.

For most people, those three problems will cover why you’re not able to remove your credit card on your iPhone. However, there are a couple other more rare possibilities, which you can read about here. Once you’ve paid your balance, turned off auto-renew, and left Family Sharing, you can remove your credit card from your iPhone and select None instead. Here’s how:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select iTunes & App Stores
  • Tap on your Apple ID at the top.
  • Select View Apple ID.
  • Tap Payment Information.
  • If nothing is preventing you from removing your credit card, you should be able to select None under Payment Method.
how to remove your credit card on iPhone
  • If something is preventing you from removing your credit card, None will not appear. Refer to the list above to figure out what is preventing you from removing your credit card information.

How to Change Your Credit Card on iTunes on iPhone & iPad

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select iTunes & App Stores
  • Your Apple ID will be at the top: tap on it. and select View Apple ID.​


  • You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password or to use Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Tap Payment Information.
  • Here you can enter the payment information of the new credit card you want to use.
  • Once all the information is entered including the billing address associated with your credit card, tap Done at the top. And tap Done again to exit Apple ID Account Settings.

Now you should have a new credit card for use with iTunes, App Store, and any other apps on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Change Your iTunes Billing Info on Your Computer

If you’d prefer to update your iTunes credit card on your computer, you can easily do so on Apple’s website. Again, this is the credit card used for purchases on your iPhone or iPad, or in iTunes. Any time you’re asked to enter your Apple ID password for purchase, this credit card is the one being charged, which means keeping it up to date is important. To do this on a computer,

  • You’ll be directed to a page with all of your Apple ID account info.
  • Find Payment & Shipping. Click Edit…
  • Doing so will extend the page and reveal all the billing info you currently have in place. Enter the payment info for the new credit card you want to use for payment on your iPhone and iPad, including the billing address associated with the credit card.
  • Click Save when you’re done.

Now, when you go to purchase something from the iTunes store, App store, or if you make an in-app purchase, the new credit card you’ve entered will be charged.

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